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Baltimore, MD – The Law Firm of Bruce Robinson & Associates concentrates on providing for the needs of injured victims of accidents: people whose lives have been seriously impacted by the negligent and careless acts of others. This includes all manner of personal injury, from medical malpractice, birth trauma and defects to serious automobile accidents and products liability claims. As a Maryland accident lawyer, the firm has a venerable rating with Martindale-Hubbell Directory, the independent lawyer rating firm which profiles the finest lawyers and law firms in the country.

“You would be surprised at the number of lawyers who will not take your case to trial, preferring instead to settle cases for the quick buck,” said Bruce Robinson, managing attorney of Bruce Robinson & Associates. “From your first visit to the office, we are actively developing your case to prepare for trial in the event the insurance company refuses to offer fair and appropriate compensation. Insurance companies routinely offer insulting low offers hoping injured victims will settle and go away. Many lawyers fall for this because they want the quick buck; we don’t. We are acutely aware of the competitive legal market that exists today and it is important to us to maximize each recovery for every client and not let the insurance get away with robbery. We strive to enhance the legal experience by maintaining multiple offices for client convenience and by being available for client consultations both during the day and after regular business hours. Because injuries happen anytime, you will never leave a message and wait until Monday to get a return call; no, we get back right away, every time.”

While a phone could be used to save lives in some cases, it tops the list of self-induced dangers when driving a car. Most accidents in this day and age are as a result of distracted driving, which all too often is caused by texting while driving. It has become the new drunk driving, and has seen a new high record of deaths caused by this careless act. Statistics show that 49% of adults admit to texting while driving, which is higher than the 37% who drive while drunk. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that they know that 98% of the time it’s unsafe to text while driving. Driving requires maximum attention, and if one isn’t paying attention to the road even for a second, they could cause a serious accident and end up hurting other drivers and pedestrians. With technological advancement, self-driven cars might just be what humans need to invest in to curb the texting while driving menace on the roads.

As the best car accident lawyers in Maryland, their litigators were groomed at Maryland’s largest law firms. Their extensive trial experience is important because it provides their trial lawyers and clients a leg up on the insurance companies in terms of knowing the defense strategy. Additionally, having medical professionals directly on staff also provides an important benefit for maximizing their clients’ recovery. They are able to prepare both sides of the case, as a plaintiff and defendant in order to maximize a fair and appropriate recovery and have a thorough understanding of the defense trial strategies and tricks and they put that knowledge to work for their clients.

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Bruce Robinson & Associates is located at 25 Hooks Lane, Suite 302 in Baltimore, MD (21208).

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