Kasing Cheng Introduces his latest POC Test Kits

Kasaac Laboratories is making medical diagnostic tests more secured now with his patented first ever point-of-care diagnostic test kits with secured lid that prevent unintended direct blood or other body fluids contacts.

Brooklyn, NY, February 24, 2017: Clinical testing is a must to detect diseases but often regular diagnostic tests run the risk of unwanted contact with direct blood & other body fluids with the testing kits. Needless to mention, such incidents could be dangerous for any patient. Kasaac Laboratories has introduced its new line:  QuickTouch, which eliminate the need of a pipette to transfer blood to the cassette.  Developed in Kasaac Laboratories state of the art facility, this POC test kits come with a smart secured locking lid that would prevent the usual possibilities of unintended contact with direct blood or other body fluids.



Point of Care Testing is a process of clinical diagnostic testing that is conducted outside a clinical lab, in near proximity to a place where a patient is under medical care.

“Most tests give the results between 10 to 15 minutes, while the bloods on the cassette is exposed. I have always been concerned about safety issues in clinical diagnosis testing which led me to the development of a safer POC diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases testing. I have seen how the traditional test kits are unable to prevent unintended direct blood or other body fluids contacts while the clinician leave the exposed device unattended hence my patented technology have secured the POC kits with a safety lock that would eliminate all such issues”, said the company CEO, Kasing Cheng, an experience clinician with graduate degrees in Psychology and Business, owner of an Aesthetic clinic and 2 HBOT clinics in New York.

“High quality health care should include a safe environment for both patients and healthcare providers.  Kasaac’s QuickTouch diagnostic kit is designed such that the test can be done by simply touching the patient’s finger directly to the well of the cassette without the need of a pipette, and with a safety locking lid.  With this the risk of blood borne contamination is significantly reduced.  With QuickTouch, the test is quick and simple; it takes about 10 minutes, and is completely accurate.  QuickTouch will be the answer for busy environment such as in emergency areas where there is a tradeoff of speed vs safety”


Kasaac Laboratories has introduced a new line of rapid detection tests for Tuberculosis, Dengue, Syphilis and H-Pylori called QuickTouch. Kasaac Laboratories also manufactures drug and pregnancy test. Kasaac Laboratories is an US company with branch office in Lima Peru

To know more about Kasaac Laboratories, visit http://www.kasaaclaboratories.com

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