Pet care products made from natural ingredients launches on amazon

Eliminate nearly 500 insect species using a dog collar or drops containing essential oils, and 11 natural ingredients

Arava – Dead Sea pet spa announced the launch of their dog care products – flea and tick botanical collar and flea control and tick drops treatment for dogs. The collar keeps insects away from dogs, while the aromatherapy medicated drop is used for treating dog skin and coats to prevent pest attacks. Unlike other products that contain harmful toxins, these are made from all natural ingredients that are very potent and at the same time safe for dogs and humans. They also offer improved protection guaranteed to repel nearly 500 species of insects. The products are available on and

“Chemical-based flea and tick repellant are not only harmful to your pets but also to children and adults. We have created the dog collar and drops treatment from botanical ingredients and essential natural oils. Our products are certified safe and effective and we promise total guarantee, defense, and protection against nearly 500 insect species that pose a danger to your dog’s health. We love pets and animals, and mostly, we love people who love pets,” said Senia Waldberg, CEO.

Botanical collar features
Arava tick and flea botanical control collar for dogs and puppies are steeped in a special flea and tick solution. Botanical ingredients like geranium, peppermint, lemon grass, thyme, and rosemary help chase away insects and keep dogs healthy, happy and free. The product has an adjustable and comfortable design that is safe for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

“I can’t believe it. The fleas are completely gone and it took only a few days. I really like the natural solution to this problem. Hate all the chemical garbage on the market. I personally recommend it to anyone. And will buy again for sure! Thank you for this amazing product,” said Chena A, a customer. 

Botanical advanced treatment features
Arava tick and flea drops is a natural, aromatherapy medicated treatment that repels pests on skin and coats of dogs. Compared to the collar, it lasts longer and provides enhanced protection against insects. The drops treatment is considered as one of the most effective products because it is nonhazardous, environmentally friendly, and destroys more than 500 species of ticks, fleas, chewing lice, larvae and other types of insects.

“The drops work perfectly well. When I read the label and saw the list of ingredients, I instantly knew that I have made a good decision. It is easy to administer, free of dangerous pesticides and very affordable. My dog has never been happier,” said Lawrence B, a customer.

About Arava – Dead Sea pet spa
Arava – Dead Sea pet spa offer a range of pet care products made from natural ingredients and free of chemicals. The products help protect pets from about 500 insect species, to safeguard the animals and stimulate good health. For more information, please contact +972547971036,, or

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