Trendy Resumes Offers Creative Resume Templates Online for a Great, First Impression

Washington DC, USA  – Old style resumes are passé. Today, anyone serious about getting a callback from employers or college recruiters must hold a trendy, clean and professionally formatted resume. Trendy Resumes, an online storehouse of a vast range of resume templates, has made the task simpler with its latest collection of resume templates.

Studies show that it takes only the first six seconds for recruiters to zoom into a given resume. Given that old styled resumes are out of favor, and the odious and difficult task to creating one from scratch, students and candidates require a ready-made template to quickly get a clean and functional resume done. Templates from Trendy Resumes are spiced up and vibrant, and the wide thematic portfolio is suitable for any given industry or field of work.

While other resume templates are often available in hard to edit PDF or other formats, Trendy Resumes supplies all templates in the most convenient Word files. After editing, the files can be saved in PDF format. Trendy Resume templates are neither extravagant nor simplistic. They strike just the right balance between modern and traditional styles to attract recruiters’ attention at the first look.

Trendy Resume templates are designed to be creative, so that the applicants do not miss out on impressing recruiters and stand a good chance of bagging the job. The online store also offers extras, such as access to the full collection at great discounts, a lifetime access to the entire collection, resume translation to another language, or personal assistance with filling out the resume template.

“Trendy Resumes is here to help everyone land their dream job. Professional resume templates are known to increase callbacks from recruiters,” Amanda Scott.

It’s a matter of fact, the number of applicants using creative resume templates is increasing drastically. Trendy Resume believed that the old traditional resumes will be out of style in the near future, and using a modern resume will become just ordinary. So they urge job seekers to be prepared for the future, but also take action and use one any creative resume templates by Trendy Resume. Right now there’s still a chance to stand out from the competition being “different”.

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