GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA – “Those (leaders) who are able to weather financial downturns, fiscal stress, and other obstacles–that could crumble their organization, their community and their industry–are those whose values of honesty, integrity, courage, responsibility, family, wisdom, and leading with a higher purpose are at the core of their leadership style and decision-making.” Dr. Betty Uribe, author of #Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life.

In Dr. Betty Uribe’s new best-selling book, #Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life, she highlights leaders who lead with a higher set of values and who have achieved unprecedented results through the creation of a values-based culture in the organizations and shares their insights.

Dr. Uribe focuses on three different arenas: top-level generals in all areas of the military, CEOs of entrepreneurial organizations, and C-level executives in finance. Throughout history when a new country was born or rebuilt anywhere in the world, it has been these three areas that took a front seat in bringing order, building the culture, and ensuring the financial vibrancy and economic livelihood of a country, a village, a community, and the world as humankind knows it.

Sharing this secret to top-level performance, Dr. Uribe intends to create a world-wide social epidemic of values-based leadership in business and in life. One’s values should not change when they leave the workplace; they should encompass their personal and professional lives, always aligned and at the core of every decision, every action, every relationship, every conversation.
Dr. Betty hopes that readers use the tools and lessons from #Values and duplicate what they learn in their personal and business life, to make this world a better place, one person at a time.
Dr. Betty Uribe is Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust and a sought-after dynamic bilingual, bicultural, international speaker, consultant, coach, and author. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnarounds, and peak performance, she has been honored consistently for her strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. With a drive for business and a heart for making a difference, Dr. Betty shares her passion for values on a global scale. She also serves her local community on the boards of private companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Betty’s heart for serving others has opened doors as far-reaching as the White House, the Vatican, and beyond. Dr. Betty Uribe is available for interviews.

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