Poetic rendition of Justin Bieber’s and Major Lazer cold water

CJ Stain, a highly talented R&B singer and exceptionally creative rapper, who is renowned for his skills and ability to tweak, record or perform a song that was previously made by another, is excited to announce today his remake of the popular hit song – Cold Water.

Suffice it to say that Cold Water is a song recorded by electronic music group – Major Lazer. The remake of this dope song by CJ Stain was inspired by Canadian artist, Justin Bieber, who was one of the stars that featured in the original song.

Notable amongst CJ Stain’s works was his remake of Sage the Gemini’s song, which was entitled ‘Good Thing.’ This latest remake won’t be an exception. It promises to be an outright success.

Being a strong believer in social compassion and gender equality, Stain was able to preach the message of hope, encouragement, empathy, and a socially conscientious approach via his lyrics in the remake of this wonderful musical piece.

All lovers of CJ Stain can listen to the song as well as share it on various social media channels via the following link – https://mtvrock.com/cj-stain-major-lazer-cold-water

Speaking excitedly, CJ said: “I am absolutely delighted about this latest development, and I believe all lovers of good music would adore this song. You will find yourself singing along with the music time and again. I know my fans and everyone out there would be pleased with it.”

It is noteworthy to mention that CJ Stain always deliver thought provoking lyrics that help individuals to discover and appreciate who they truly are. Everyone out there can expect a lot more from this gifted artist when his personal songs start hitting the airwaves.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/WwxTntIf3i8

To know more about CJ Stain, visit: https://mobile.twitter.com/vievibeltu

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