New York Construction Equipment Enterprise Introduces Polished Concrete Training Site

New York, NY – Construction equipment enterprise, NYC Concrete Polishing Equipment, announces that they have gone live on their new website catering visitors who wish to attain proficiency in polishing concrete to create epoxy and concrete floor masterpieces. This website serves as the online source of information for those professionals intending to undertake training in epoxy and polished concrete flooring.

“The best way to excel in any industry is to learn through doing,” NYC Concrete Polishing Equipment spokesperson, Anthony Jeremia says. “Come to the five days Polished Concrete University in South Florida and undergo expert training in epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, and overlays. Certified trainers provide insights and support that guides learners into becoming the best operators of machinery, tools, and equipment necessary to create a great job.”

This polished concrete training course takes five days with day one to three starting with complete classroom instructions that outline the entire process in concrete polishing. Majority of this time is spent in the studio working with and using all the equipment that produces the three different floor samples. Day four features guest instructors from CTS Rapid Set and NewLook International who provides hands on tutorials and classroom experience in the appropriate use of their range of products. Each process covered shall supplement the polishing process, enabling the learners provide the complete package to homeowners, designers, and general contractors. Day five features the learners receiving further hands on training with SpartaCoat and Laticrete. Once this is done, the class moves to the studio for further hands-on instructions in the creation of big sample boards. The final lesson features professional media and marketing advice to enable the new professionals brand their new skill set.

The firm is ready to impart the expertise it has acquired over the years. They stand by their learner clients, helping them through their mistakes so that they do not have to make them on their own clients’ property. In one week each month, the firm hosts a training session where concrete professionals discover the art of converting floors of standard gray concrete into dramatic pieces of art. They use their experience in marketing themselves to train the new learners how to market themselves too. Otherwise, learning how to polish concrete, great as it is, is useless unless a professional has clients whose floors they obtain contracts to polish.

For more information regarding how to epoxy a floor and concrete polishing, contact NYC Concrete Polishing Equipment using the details listed below or visit:

NYC Concrete Polishing Equipment is located at 511 Canal Street in New York, NY (10013).

The company can be contacted via phone at 646-846-2224 or at their website:

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