Dad’s Tool Shack Releases List of Top Hunting Binocular Picks for 2017

USA – With the new year well underway and hunting season already starting up in some parts of the country, there will be plenty of hunters gearing up for 2017 with the essentials, like hunting binoculars. Dad’s Tool Shack has released their list of the top hunting binoculars for 2017, just in the nick of time.

The hunting industry generates an estimated $33.7 billion annually, with total expenditures on hunting equipment nationwide being over $13.9 billion. According to a National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation from 2011, the average hunter spends a few hundred each year on binoculars, telescopes or field glasses. Whether it is to keep up with new technology or to replace worn-out equipment, hunters invest in binoculars, just like they do any other equipment essential to hunting. While the binoculars won’t deliver the prize-winning shot, they are a necessary tool in the lead up to the final showdown between hunter and prey.

To help hunters get sorted and geared up as hunting season opens up in places around the country, Dad’s Tool Shack has just released their review of the best hunting binoculars for 2017, The blog site is known for providing honest reviews of a range of power tools and appliances, but what distinguishes them from the rest, and makes their review guides sought after, is the total transparency of their review process. From being completely upfront about the sources used in the research, to coordinating testing groups and videos of testing rounds, provides original, tried-and-true reviews for readers looking for more than the usual marketing pitch blog.

The 2017 list of hunting binoculars covers dozens of binoculars for any budget, as well as providing a guide for the common specs that any buyer should look for when purchasing a hunting binocular. Features such as size and weight, magnification, brightness, sealant and waterproofing, the prismatic lens type, and the rangefinder are all addressed and used as points for cross-comparison between products. For this early in the season, Dad’s Tool Shack list is one of the most comprehensive guides to the hunting binoculars for 2017.

While most hunters probably won’t need to replace their binoculars every year, being equipped with a pair of reliable, good quality binoculars is always a good investment and one that might ultimately help bring home the prize. To get the rundown on the best hunting binoculars without spending hours on research, Dad’s Tool Shack is the source.

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