PLS Game Mall Announces All Wow Mounts

A Haven For Those Who Like Winning In The World Of Warcraft

Shatin, NT, Hong Kong – February 28, 2017 – PLS Game Mall has announced that it will be providing World of Warcraft Mounts to the players from around the world. PLS is the leading team in WOW mounts, WOW power leveling and WOW gold. With nearly a decade of experience on hands in the World of Warcraft. All types of WOW Mounts are available at all times for the players to enjoy and win the game that is one of the most celebrated around the world.

“We have 8 years’ experience in the WOW mounts field, especially in WoW TCG Mount Loot,” said a representative of PLS Game Mall while talking about the mounts. “We can deliver the mounts in 30 minutes, face to face trade or in-game mail delivery,” he added. The website can arrange 24*7 live support to help the players from around the world with any of their questions.

Buying and selling of mounts can be perfectly done on this ultimate marketplace for the lovers of the most celebrated game in the world. All type of mounts are available in stock at all times and it makes the gameplay very easy and interesting for the player who love winning the game. The customer care team is always available online 24×7 to assist the customers on skype, email, WeChat, QQ and of course the website itself and no other gaming company is offering this amazing service.

About PLS Game Mall

PLS Game Mall is an online marketplace and a business of real-money trading for in-game gold, game keys, power-levelling and in-game items. PLS Game Mall was founded in 2008 with the duty of standardizing RMT (real-money trading) and also reducing the number of fraud instances in these transactions. Most people considered that game account share to 3rd part is not secure, so most players are hesitated in accepting power leveling. 

Media Contact
Company Name: PLS Game Mall
Contact Person: Yiliangre D.
City: Shatin
State: NT
Country: HongKong