Noted Wellness Expert — Dr. Antwala Robinson, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN — Announces Publication of Her Latest Book — “You Rule! Take Charge of Your Health and Life” — Coincides With “Childhood Obesity Month”

“You Rule!…” is a healthy lifestyle guide for teens, and goes into depth concerning Child and Teen Obesity Issues. Presents a plan for optimum wellness, and solutions for transforming oneself into a successful and happy teenager.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, August 28, 2014. Oftentimes, it is not easy being a teen. So many challenges in life to face, so many decisions to make. Dr. Antwala Robinson just made it a lot easier to make those decisions with the publication of her long awaited book: “You Rule! Take Charge of Your Health and Life”. In this well thought-out book, Teens will discover solutions that were never presented to them. They will learn about quick strategies for transforming themselves into a successful and healthy teenager capable of enjoying life to its fullest.

“You Rule! Take Charge of Your Health and Life” presents clear solutions that will empower Teens to: Eat healthy and be more active, Lose weight, Have more energy without using harmful stimulants, Avoid or protect oneself during sex, Have a better, more rewarding relationship with family and friends, Be liked and respected on and off social media, Become more responsible and dependable, Avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and handle anxiety and avoid depression. Sound like a tall order? Not at all, the way this information is presented in a clear and easily understood manner. The author proves herself to be a master wordsmith in addition to her other talents.

The book is clearly detailed about how to battle Child & Teen Obesity, which has become a National Epidemic. In fact, the book’s release is timed to coincide with Childhood Obesity Month which takes place in September. “You Rule!…” consists of about 218 pages, comprised of Ten Fact Filled Chapters. The book starts off with a great chapter about Health and Wellness, covers such topics as: A Healthy Diet and Healthy Weight, Unhealthy Eating Habits, Health and Unhealthy Fats, Water, Physical Activity and Exercise, Immune System and Sleep.

Other Chapters in “You Rule! Take Charge of Your Health and Life”, include discussions on: Physical Health, Reproductive Health, Common Chronic Diseases in Youth, Building Relationships, Teen Social Media Relationships and Privacy, Unhealthy Relationships, Developing Character, Your Mental and Emotional Health, Rights as a Teen When Seeking Healthcare, along with other information.

The book has been well received, and is considered a must-read for all Teens who want to be successful and happy in life. Reader Testimonials have been phenomenal, such as this one received from Pamela G. Bowen, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Alabama: “This is a great book for anyone who works or lives with adolescents and would like to assist and guide them with living a healthy and active lifestyle. The book has easy to read information, colorful instructional images, and helpful web links for supplemental information that is clinically relevant.”

Dr. Antwala Robinson, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, educates, empowers, and inspires others to live healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. As a family nurse practitioner, wellness consultant, speaker, author, and mentor, she is deeply passionate about total well-being. With life transforming strategies, and over 19-years experience working with individuals and organizations, Antwala helps people of all ages to create the health and life they want by empowering them to“Take Charge” of their health and life.

For complete information, please visit: “You Rule! Take Charge of Your Health and Life”

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