Funding Company Announces Free Marketing Services For Staffing Agencies

“By offering free staffing agency marketing our clients get more inbound leads. That way we grow together.”
One of the leading funding companies for staffing agencies offers free marketing services for clients to drive more inbound leads to them.

One of the nation’s top funding companies for staffing agencies,  HGS Funding Inc, is offering free staffing agency marketing to all their clients.

“One of the biggest problems for any company including staffing agencies is how to obtain more clients. It seems a natural extension of our funding to offer free staffing agency marketing as a value added service,” states Sartaj Singh, President of HGS Funding Inc.

Based in Rancho Cucamonga California, HGS is one of the leading funding companies for staffing agencies in the country. Unlike many others, HGS is self-funded and can make decisions for clients quicker than banks.

Singh continues, “Why would we offer free marketing services? Simple, we consider it an investment in our clients. The more we sincerely partner with our clients, the bigger they grow. Consequently we grow too. It is a win-win situation.”

“Every month there are thousands of online searches for staffing agency services. Prospects are going to Google, AOL, Yahoo! and Bing because they have a specific need and are searching for the right provider.

“We want these prospects to go to our clients.

“Part of the marketing service we are offering is making sure that our clients are in front of these prospects at the exact time of the search.

“These free staffing agency marketing services include building, hosting and promoting a website that WILL rank on the first page of Google, AOL, Yahoo! and Bing.

“Searchers usually find what they are looking for on the first page of the search engines. As most staffing agency websites have never been ranked on the first page the site has never generated any leads.

“The site we build will appear on the first page therefore our clients will start receiving more leads. These inbound calls and emails previously had been going to competitors. All telephone and email leads go directly and exclusively to our staffing agency clients in real time.

“We are unaware of any other funding companies for staffing agencies in the country that can offer this type of value added service together with competitive funding rates.

“Who should call us? Staffing agencies that want competitive funding rates and want to grow!” concludes Singh.

For more information Sartaj Singh may be reached at 855-688-2710 or go to

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