Private Label Sugar Free Cookies Generate Profits For Grocery Chains

“Baker’s Batch sugar free cookies make the ideal treat for diabetics and profitable shelf item for retail chains.”
Are grocery store chains missing out on sugar free treats for diabetics? Private label sugar free cookies could be hidden profit center.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are 21 million people in the US that have been diagnosed with diabetes. There are another 8 million that are undiagnosed. The combined total is almost 10% of the US population.

The increase in those being diagnosed with diabetes and the overall health consciousness of the population is creating a change in the way consumers shop.

Once diagnosed, diabetics have to scour supermarket shelves reading labels looking for day to day items with less or no sugar content.

“Our research indicates that approximately one third of consumers purchasing sugar-free products are doing so for diabetes-related reasons. These purchases are for themselves or another household member with diabetes,” states Kathy Voortman, CEO of Traditional Baking Inc.

Based in Bloomington California, Traditional Baking, Inc is a contract bakery and cookie manufacturer serving major retail chains nationwide. They offer branded items through the Baker’s Batch label, contract packing, private label cookies and products for institutions.

“It is important for diabetics to keep their shopping cart filled the right sugar free items and fresh foods. Starting with the right foods in the cart avoids any temptations at home.

“Finding sugar free is tough in the treats and snacks aisles. Having diabetes doesn’t mean sufferers have to miss out on fun food items like cookies.

“It is not easy to maintain a somewhat strict diet. We feel it’s important to reward yourself with the right kind of treats for sticking to the diet. By depriving yourself completely may tempt you off your diet.

“We understand diabetic’s dilemma by including sugar free cookies in our line of items.

Traditional Baking offers sugar free shortbread and oatmeal cookies through their Bakers Batch brand. The same products are also available to retailers for private labeling.

The Baker’s Batch sugar-free cookies are a viable alternative for diabetes sufferers with a sweet tooth by containing sugar substitutes, but maintaining high quality and taste.

Voortman suggests consumers to “Visit local retailers and ask for Baker’s Batch Sugar Free Cookies produced by Traditional Baking.

“Those retailers without sugar free alternatives on the shelf, will find that diabetics are not likely to make any purchase in the cookie aisle.

“Retail stores can tap into the market of 21 million diabetics by stocking sugar free cookies like Baker’s Batch. We feel that sugar free cookies is a profit center for retail outlets that is hidden in plain sight,” concludes Voortman.

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