Create Unlimited Free Mobile Apps, Including Game Apps, with’s New Unrivaled Incentive Program

COLUMBIA, MD – 8 Mar, 2017 – Savvier Health, LLC is pleased to announce that its unrivaled mobile app creation website,, now offers everyone the potential to created unlimited free mobile apps on one of the world’s most popular app creation platforms, used to create hundreds of thousands of mobile apps around the world.  Effective immediately, everyone can earn free app credits by referring people who sign up for an active subscription, and there is no limit on the number of free apps a person can earn for personal use.

In addition, is now part of the Share A Sale affiliate program family. It is free to sign up to become an affiliate and no experience is needed. Affiliates simply add their computer generated link, containing their affiliate identification number, to their social media pages, websites, and even e-mails. When a person clicks on their coded link he will be taken to and if he signs up for a subscription, the affiliate gets paid from $3.15 to $44.55, and that referral fee continues to be paid to the affiliate each month the subscription remains active. It is easy to see why there is a tremendous potential to make extra money seamlessly for those with a strong social media following, a small business website, a creative mindset or even a tight knit group of friends and family, which is virtually everyone.  

Our Share a sale affiliates who have created an app can even add our pre-designed page to their app promoting the ability to create potentially free apps while earning revenue, and link this page to their social media page or web page that contains their affiliate link. They can even correspond with their app users via a contact form in their app. Assistance with setting up this feature is provided upon request.

While virtually everyone has downloaded an app from Google Play or the AppStore, most people are unaware that they can create private apps, such as ones featuring friends and family, personalized greeting cards, calendars, photo effects page, touch design, social media pages, quizzes or other features. Mothers can create e-books with their children’s photos.  Friends can create game apps with silly photos of themselves they would not want anyone else to see. There are hundreds of features and templates that can be interchanged. With, users can pay for a “1 (published) app subscription plan” and can create multiple private apps for friends and family members which can only be accessed with their login thru our free downloadable App Viewer.

Our system uses a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get format to allow subscribers to easily exchange standard text and pictures with their own in hundreds of ready-to-publish app templates. Anyone who can use a home computer has the potential to copy, paste and write his way into a piece of the explosive international app market that has made its share of millionaires, or simply use to create a library of private apps that can be updated again and again.

With subscribers simply choose from hundreds of templates, change the text and pictures, and then click a button to submit their work to our technical support team, which then ‘builds’ the app and submits it to the AppStore or provides the a simple code (APK) that subscribers can upload to their Google Play or Amazon/Kindle developer accounts, should they want to make their apps public. While not everyone is computer savvy, provides numerous step-by-step tutorials to help even the most skeptical subscribers create stunning apps with little effort. The average high school student could be churning out apps in no time with this simple platform. Subscriptions range from $7/month for a single app to $99/month for unlimited apps, perfect for the business minded man or woman who wants to work from home. All subscriptions come with a 7-day risk-free trial period.

While the above features alone set apart from its competitors, there is important another feature worthy of mention. donates 10% of its proceeds to charitable causes, such as homeless shelters and feeding hungry children, Our goal is for a vast multitude to benefit from our service, whether they use it or not.

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