Transform Moto Z as a professional smart barcode data collect terminal for enterprise applications!

Barcode Sled Mod for Moto Z Smartphone

Lenovo and Motorola recently kicked off the drive to find such “bright ideas” in its Transform the Smartphone Challenge made in partnership with Indiegogo. Unlike most crowdfunding projects, the goal isn’t simply to just get funded and make a product but to also pitch the idea to Motorola for a possible bigger investment. Naturally, there are quite a few pitches, but some are already rising to be crowdfunding favorites

For example, the Enterprise Barcode Sled Mod from Generalscan reported before has finally launched on Indiegogo and has managed to raise almost a 8000 of the $19000 goal. An early bird pledge costs $119 while the most expensive limited edition climbs up to $249.

If you have interest with this idea, please back for them from Indiegogo crowdfunding website: 


the Enterprise Barcode Sled Mod transforms Motorola Moto Z Android smartphone into enterprise-ready barcode sled that provides sales associates with instant access to product information and enables customer checkout, inventory information anywhere in the store.

It Embedded advanced high performance Zebra 1D or 2D barcode scan engine, deliver you fast and accurate reading even poor quality barcode for warehouse, inventory, retail, supermarket, ticket checking and healthcare application

Moto Z Enterprise Barcode Sled will provide rugged silicone solid housing design which can provide added durability to the smart phone, this protective case can make sled overall protection from 1.8 meter drop and shock.

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