Popular Kingsley Steam Shower Enclosure Now At Jt Spas Posted On 4 February 2017

For a company like JT Spas, it’s all about customer satisfaction. And customers have a lot to be happy about with the amazing deal on the Kingsley Steam Shower enclosure for only £679.

At JT Spas, affordability and quality are top priorities. And the company shows its commitment to customers in many ways by continuously providing them with excellent yet budget-friendly products which they are proud to display and use in their bathrooms.

JT Spas regularly updates its bathroom product selection with new offers from reputed manufacturers that include Aquaplus, Insignia, Mayfair, Aqualusso, Royce Morgan, Hudson Reed, Jupiter Showering, and more. Customers will be certain to find exactly what they are looking for at JT Spas, whether they would like to replace old shower cubicles with new ones, are looking to outfit a new bathroom with new and beautiful toilets, basins, and taps, or would like to update their existing bathroom with new mirrors and other bathroom accessories and furniture.

Recently, JT Spas came up with an offer that many customers couldn’t really refuse: a price decrease for the popular Kingsley Steam Shower Cabin Quadrant Enclosure, now available for the reduced price of £679. The Kingsley Steam Shower Cabin Quadrant Enclosure, which measures only 900mm (making it ideal for smaller-sized bathrooms), has a regular retail price in other shops of as much as £1149. But at JT Spas, customers can avail of the exact same product for only £679, giving them amazing savings of as much as £470.

The Kingsley Steam Shower Cabin Quadrant Enclosure is a popular choice with many customers because of its great features. First of all, it comes with 5mm-thick toughened glass, an ABS board, and aluminium alloy, but it also comes with the remarkable features many homeowners are looking for, such as LCD computer controls, a thermostatic mixer shower plus a top rain shower and a handheld shower head, a total of six back massage jets, a radio, an ozone sterilisation system, and a free specially-adapted waste trap, which saves customers an additional £29.98.

Customers who have taken advantage of JT Spas’ products are all praise indeed. Valerie Finlay, who ordered a product from JT Spas about one month ago, says it perfectly: “Customer service excellent and happy to help make sure order is correct…I don’t think I have (had) such an excellent service…This company is top in my books!”


JT Spas is a renowned supplier of different bathroom products from various manufacturers.

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