Power Flex Yoga Pants by 90 Degree Reflex as the Most Preferred Brand Among Women

March 8, 2017 – The Power Flex Yoga Pants from ‘90 Degree by Reflex’ are the perfect amalgamation of style, innovative tailoring, and a touch of trendy fashion – all of these combined aspects allow 90 Degree by Reflex to create high quality yoga clothing.

More details and order info available at https://www.90degreebyreflex.com/collections/womens/products/power-flex-yoga-pants-pw5424-leggings and https://www.amazon.com/90-Degree-Reflex-Womens-Power/dp/B00IDHFYVM

Creating trendy exercise outfits for women is challenging at times. Especially when a modern working class or stay at home woman who is dealing with work, kids, relationships, and a demanding exercise regimen is trying to stay in shape; these factors eventually take a toll on the overall body image.

Therefore, the creators behind 90 Degree by Reflex apparel had to create more than just a conventional pair of yoga pants; it had to be a well-rounded product to fit a variety of different body types, and yet remain fashionable enough to be welcomed as a nice addition to any workout.

Of course, the low-price factor is another added benefit of preferring these pants over competitor yoga apparel because other brands are nearly selling the same garments for four to six times the price. However, what really sets 90 Degree by Reflex apart from the competition is the high quality of these yoga pants. According to one of the company correspondents, “The Power Flex Yoga Pant uses the latest technology to create four-way lock stitches. This superior stitching technology keeps the garment together and prevents it from ever ripping apart in the wash.” Most other yoga pant and legging manufacturers do not use this technology; their garments usually fall apart after washing them a handful of times. Inferior garments created using conventional stitching also tend to gear while exercising and doing day-to-day chores. The inferior quality of garments also makes them see through and has a rough, itchy feeling when worn.

The latest line of these yoga pants has not only garnered a staggering number of reviews at Amazon, but also inspired hundreds of yoga instructors, students, runners and exercise addicts from all walks of life to buy a pair of these pants and give it a try. The credit goes to top quality construction that combines a calculated blend of cotton, spandex, nylon, and interlocking seams allowing for the garment to stretch and fit perfectly on anybody.

There are absolutely no zippers, buttons or unwanted adornments that would add up a bulge or hinder the purpose of these yoga pants. Every pair of Power Flex Pants from 90 Degree by Reflex has a gusseted crotch for comfort and peace of mind. The high quality fabric used to create every garment from 90 Degree by Reflex easily wicks moisture and sweat from the body.

Customers, who have already purchased or tried the Power Flex Yoga Pants, have reportedly appreciated the product for the overall fabric quality and technology used to sew the material together. Thanks to the high standard of material used, despite rigorous wash and wear, the fabric retains its original shape and moisture free texture.

Therefore, women can finally come to terms with wearing a pair of stretch pants without worrying about color fading, loosening around the knees or hips and vice versa. Customers tend to favor these pants over their “used-to-be-favorite” gym/ exercise apparel day in; day out. Customers also favor yoga clothes from 90 Degree by Reflex since they are affordable and because every garment 90 Degree by Reflex makes is four to six times less expensive than leading competitors who sell the same garments made of the same fabric. Specifically, the nylon, cotton, spandex blend used to create the Power Flex Pant is usually sold for $130 – $180 by competitors. Most competitors offering these nylon, cotton, and spandex blends don’t use the four-way lock stitching to ensure the garments don’t rip, tear or fall apart.

For full product details, and any additional information, visit the official 90 Degree by Reflex website at https://www.90degreebyreflex.com/ or the respective product sales page at https://www.amazon.com/90-Degree-Reflex-Womens-Power/dp/B00IDHFYVM immediately.

About 90 Degree by Reflex:

90 Degree by Reflex is a lifestyle brand aiming to combine fashion, function, performance, and comfort. The company prides itself on creating affordable active wear and yoga clothing for men, women, and kids. Every garment is created using the latest technology and stitching machines. Only the highest quality fabrics are used in every garment we make. 90 Degree by Reflex aims to bestow self-confidence and combine the latest in fashion and function in every garment.

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