Movie – Messages: Reshaping the Way People Look at Earth

An Inspiring Movie like never before about the Planet Earth: Full of Suspense, Thrill, Education and Much More is Now Seeking Public Support on Kickstarter

John Rossi, a science fiction fan from Brisbane, Australia has announced that he will be raising funds on Kickstarter to crowdfund his upcoming movie called ‘Messages’. His goal is to raise AU$2,500,000 by 24th of April, 2017. The movie is about saving the natural world and the producer is putting years of his hard work and inspiration into this project. He is inspired by the likes of Elon Musk and loves the planet Earth. As the Dolphins, Whales and other sea creatures beach themselves and phenomenas that never occurred before start to happen, scientists realize that something is wrong. Scientific instruments start to go wrong and everything starts to behave abnormally. That’s when some people realize that things are going wrong and something needs to be done about it.

In the movie, a medical trainee who is 4th year student at Queensland University stumbles on something strange. Moreover, another scientist at UCLA, notices some unusual movements in the St Andreas Fault. New Zealand’s Earthquake monitoring stations notice unusual activity on the fault lines deep and outside New Zealand. Geologist in Iceland discover abnormal activity under Iceland’s Volcanos, On the French Atlantic Coast dolphins are coming to shore. To explain and deal with these strange phenomena, this movie will take its audience on a ride that will shake them like never before.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go towards the production, marketing and editing of the movie. The creator is motivated to bring this movie in front of a great number of audience that will inspire them and will reshape the way they think about their planet, the Earth.

Generous contributions are being welcomed at the Kickstarter page of this project on the link below:

About This Project:

Messages is a movie like no other that will inspire everyone who watches it and will change the way people think about the planet earth. This crowdfunding campaign will play a major role in the worldwide marketing of this awakening project and everyone is welcomed to make generous contributions on Kickstarter.

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Company Name: Messages
Contact Person: John Rossi
Phone: +61413639588
City: Brisbane
Country: Australia