Snap Pea: Clean & Real Food for Everyone

A Tulsa Based Team is on a Mission to Create Healthy Convenience and is now seeking Public Support

Two young women from Oklahoma, Jen Ferrier & Morgan Wolff have taken the initiative to provide clean and organic food to the people. They are currently seeking public support on Kickstarter and the goal is to raise $15,000 by March 30, 2017. As a holistic chef and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, they have combined forces to bring healthy convenience to the people.

Morgan’s rich background in medicine and Jen’s in food and health, they both have a deep understanding of preventing illness and healing people through proper nutrition. Both women have also individually raised capital for and launched successful business in 2014 and 2016, respectively. They understand what it takes to accomplish their goal and are on a mission to improve people’s quality of life through clean, natural food options.

Snap Pea will revolutionize food and nutrition by bringing fresh meals without any additives, chemicals, fillers or hormones to people. In addition to being pure, real ingredients, Snap Pea’s meals are macronutrient balanced, so they will be broken down naturally and efficiently in the body boosting the metabolic system and enriching the body. The food will be delivered fresh to people’s homes and offices through their easy to use online ordering system.

With organic ingredients and the highest love and respect for animals, humans and the environment, Snap Pea is now seeking public support on Kickstarter. All funds raised through this campaign will help Jen and Morgan in making this project, a healthy reality.

Generous contributions are being welcomed at the following Kickstarter link:


Snap Pea is a project of two young women from Oklahoma who have made it their mission to supply healthy and real organic food to the homes and offices of people. They are now seeking public support on Kickstarter and are welcoming generous contributions.

Media Contact
Company Name: Snap Pea
Contact Person: Jennifer Ferrier
Phone: 918.986.5121
City: Tulsa
State: Oklahoma
Country: United States