Life Sliding: A Remarkable Adaptation of a Book into a Film

An Inspiring story dealing with hate, stereotyping, death, and bullying: A Moving Experience for Everyone

Renowned Author from Atlanta, S.L. Mauldin has announced that he will be raising funds on Kickstarter to crowdfunding his upcoming feature film, Life Sliding. The film will be an adaptation of his best-selling novel ‘Life Sliding’ and his goal is to raise $750,000 by March 31, 2017. The film is about identity crisis, bullying, inspiration and teenage lifestyle. The story revolves around a rich teenager, who discovers the harsh realities of life.

A film for everyone, even those beyond the adolescent years. From being the most popular kid in high-school to a bullied loner in a summer-camp, the lead character finds a whole new world around him. The goal is to debut the film in either Atlanta, Los Angeles or New York City and inspire the generations to come. It is about learning the harsh realities of life in a different and more realistic way.

For shooting the film, around half of the locations are secured by now. Most part of the film will be shot near Atlanta, GA. The sets include a camp, a house and a coffee shop, a hospital, a hair salon, a thrift shop and a parking lot is currently being scouted. The project will inspire everyone and will be one of the greatest movie adaptations of 2017. Mauldin is welcoming everyone to make their generous contributions to make this dream a reality.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will be used to employ talent, a production team and the cost associated with creating a feature film.

Generous contributors can find out more about the film and make their contributions on the following link:

About This Project:

Life Sliding is a movie adaptation of S. L. Mauldin’s novel titled ‘Life Sliding.’ The story is about a rich boy who finds out about the harsh realities of life in the most ironic and inspiring way possible. The author/producer is currently seeking public support for this project on Kickstarter.

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