Gastronomy in Madrid: A Culinary Guide to Spain’s Heart

A Remarkable Travel Guide on Madrid Focusing on Spanish Food is Now Seeking Public Support on Kickstarter

When in Spain, how to order and what to order has been a question every tourist has asked while on a trip to one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist destination of the world. To answer these questions, an inspiring young woman Mercedes Atwood has announced that she will be writing a travel guide to help the people visiting Spain.

To make this public service mission a reality, she is now seeking public support on Kickstarter and her goal is to raise $2700 via Kickstarter by 19th of April, 2017. She has been living in Spain for a long time and is a die-hard food lover. Therefore, she is utilizing her knowledge of the Spanish cuisine by putting it all together in form of a book.

The book is all about gastronomy in Spain. It is about what to choose, what to cook and what to eat and it will introduce the world to the rich and delicious Spanish food. To make this dream come true, she is seeking public support and is welcoming generous contributions to back her book. The goal is only $2700 which most certainly is not too much. One of the major challenges in this project is that she is reapplying for visa in May and if her visa is delayed, her book can also be delayed.

All funds raised through this campaign will help Mercedes to complete her book that will be a complete guide to Spanish food and drinks.

Generous contributions are being welcomed and everyone can back this project on Kickstarter using the following link:

About This Project:

This amazing project is an initiative of an inspiring young woman who is writing a complete guide about Spanish food. Gastronomy in Spain has always been an interesting subject for the travelers and this book will be a major contribution in that regard for everyone planning a visit to Spain.

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