Be Positive is Coming to All Europe in 2017

An Inspiring Brand from a Belgian Activist Hoping to Spread Positive Vibes All Across Europe: Now Seeking Public Support on Kickstarter

Peter Dombret a young entrepreneur and managing director at Be Positive has announced that he will be seeking public support on Kickstarter to back his brand and project, Be Positive all across the Europe. His goal is to raise €150,000 by Wednesday, May 3rd 2017 and he is currently welcoming everyone to support him. Peter is also the founder of Herba Products and is an author, health and fitness advocate and a charity advocate.

The goal of Be Positive project is simple and it is to provide high quality clothing for an affordable price to everyone. According to Peter, the clothing line will revive the philosophy of positivity and it will vibrate the positive vibes all around. These are clothes with a message to the world as well as to the community that has to been seen. These inspiring clothes can be worn in active sports, groups of people, music festivals and a lot of other places due to their graceful yet casual appeal.

In order to launch this amazing and inspiring brand throughout Europe and ultimately global, Peter needs to partner up with major brands and suppliers. Therefore, to go big and spread this amazing message of hope and positivity, he is now seeking public support on Kickstarter. All funds raised through this campaign will help Be Positive to spread the positive vibes throughout the European continent.

Generous contributors can back this project or find out more about it using the following link of Kickstarter:

About This Project:

Be Positive is a European clothing line from a Brussels based Belgian gentleman and activist. His goal is to provide stylish and affordable clothing throughout Europe while spreading the message of positivity, hope, love and motivation.

Media Contact
Company Name: Be Positive
Contact Person: Peter Dombret
Phone: +32 2 899 91 88
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium