5 Dishes That are Changing the Indian Wedding Food Trend in UK

UK – Food is one of the best ways to bring people together. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, a business event, or any other occasion, many people choose to hire catering companies to bring food to their event to make the time much more enjoyable and keep their guests happy throughout.

Catering companies serving Indian food help people to make any event a memorable one, bringing a unique and delicious twist to any occasion and providing guests with incredible meals they will love.

There are many dishes in the UK wedding food industry currently transforming the Indian catering trends in the UK. The top 5 dishes that are turning heads in the Indian wedding catering industry are:

1. Paneer Ke Gole – Fried cottage cheese balls with coriander, chilli and ginger are an Indian delight and a consistent favorite for events of all types.

2. Bageeche Ke Kebab – Exotic seasonal vegetables marinated with Indian spices before being fried.

3. Avial – Another vegetable dish, Avial, is made from seasonal vegetables, coconut and yoghurt, seasoned with chillies and curry.

4. Reshmi Kebab – Reshmi Kebabs are a Mughlai dish primarily made from minced chicken marinated to smooth and silky perfection.

5. Kali Mirch Ke Tukre – Kali Mirch Ke Tukre is a chicken tikka dish, cooked in a clay oven and tossed with crush black peppercorn to add a scrumptious zing.

These recipes have been developed by Indus and have been consistently loved. Anyone in search of the ideal Indian catering menu for a wedding or party must include some of these dishes.

With these Indian wedding food trends on the rise, Indian catering companies are innovating new recipes and serving styles. UK’s Indus Catering is an award winning catering company known for catering to large weddings. They offer all these classic and delicious Indian dishes, with wedding catering and halal catering, and much more.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.induscatering.co.uk

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