Protonics® on #LeftLeg only – What’s up with that?

SAN DIEGO, CA – 9 Mar, 2017 – First tested with elite athletes and pro sports teams, the patented Protonics® T2 Smart Resistance Wearable is now available for preorder on the crowdfunding site,

Protonics® T2 is a Smart Resistance Wearable™ that everyone can use on their left leg prior to sports, fitness training, or everyday activities, minimizing right-side dominance and putting you in a balanced biomechanical state. This helps you to feel healthier, makes your activities more effective, and lets you use 100% of your available strength, speed, & agility.

This highly advanced system uses the Protonics resistance approach, state of the art sensors, wireless communication, embedded processors, haptic / visual alerts, and an onboard power supply, allowing for progression through a training program without the need for supervision.

Individuals power-up the Protonics T2, set the resistance level, and then start the T2 Software App on their mobile device to do the following:

1. Provide guidance through the different exercises and the setting of resistance levels.

2. Monitor body position and provide live haptic / visual feedback as to the correct position and other variables while performing exercises.

3. Record the individual’s performance including good reps versus bad reps and other variables.

Ron Hruska MPA, PT, Director of the Postural Restoration Institute, stated in regards to Protonics T2 that, “this will allow the novice athlete to the professional athlete, to appreciate how to experience alternating function for any type of activity they are going to engage in that requires two legs, whether they run with it, walk with it, or workout with it, it’s a great way to keep the body in a balanced state.”

World renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, who as co-founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute helped support development and testing of Protonics® technology, has stated in regards to the cause and need to correct muscle imbalances: “The youth injury rate is at an all-time high due in part to sports specific training year round which can result in severe muscle imbalances.” His research was key in proving the positive effect of Protonics® on changing muscle firing patterns.

The excitement in the Protonics® T2 Smart Resistance Wearable™ lies in its ability to help offset these muscle imbalances, preventing muscle tightness and pain, and allowing the individual to perform better in all functional activities.

Development of the new Protonics T2 is a collaboration between Protonics Technologies based in Lincoln, NE and Sentir Technologies, based in San Diego, CA.

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