The Final Awakening and Call: Lies in the Church

FORT COLLINS, CO – 9 Mar, 2017 – We asked Gillian Mackay, author of The Final Awakening and Call: Lies in the Church why she wrote this book. “I wrote the book because I believe that the Lord was telling me to write this book for a number of years. In addition, I had an experience with God prior to this, His words were clearly-“The will of God is in your hands.” I was also told by a prophetess in 2012 that the “Lord has told you to write a book and you have not as yet written it.”

This came to a climax in 2013, after an intense night of dreams and visions where I knew for sure the book had to be written,” Gillian responded.

What you’ll find in The Final Awakening and Call:

The Word of God is all-powerful and all truth. There is no flaw. It is constant. In the New Testament of the Bible the people who serve God, are referred to as the Body of Christ. We are one body under one head, Jesus Christ.

Over the years and centuries this has changed to many different denominations and churches with varying doctrines. It is time for the people of God to wake up and believe and receive the Word of God in its entirety! It is time for us to love God from the heart and surrender to the call to serve as a united people.

God does not want us to follow after traditions or things that we have learnt and accepted over the years to be true. Let us bring back the old time days and truly accomplish the will of God by believing our Lord and His Word entirely and completely.

It is the desire of God that all who read this book, examine the Scriptures and make the necessary changes in their lives and churches that will effect change across the world for better – not just in the Body of Christ but also in the nations of the world.

As we put into effect the necessary changes, may this book inspire the church to get ready for many great and supernatural things to come, including the glory of the Lord to descend upon the people who are waiting and praying.

What does Gillian want readers to receive from reading her book?

“I want the people to return to the Word of God in a sincere way and obey its instructions. They must not alter or change it by their explanations. As a result, The Lord wants – the people, His church to unite as the Body of Christ under Jesus Christ as their Head and have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Church leaders can best utilize this book to help them understand that over the years and centuries that there have been many interpretations of the Scripture. We have compromised the Word by embracing the word of man over the Word of God. This book provides insight in some areas where we have conformed to this world and that we need to correct and make change.”

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