RBD Instruments Inc. offers new line of UV sources

BEND, OREGON – 9 Mar, 2017 – RBD Instruments, Inc announced today that it now provides the Fermi Instruments line of ultra-high efficiency UV sources.

The new FERMI BL-1000 is an ultra-high efficiency UV source based on a revolutionary plasma local field mechanism, integrated with latest solid RF source technology. It provides orders of magnitude higher efficiency than traditional plasma-based UV sources. The BL-1000 is an electrode-free and ignition-free universal UV source that works with various gases and gas mixtures, including He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe.

The BL-1000 has up to 15X higher photon flux than other conventional VUV sources on the market as well as a much longer maintenance interval time (>10,000 hours). And it adapts to existing third party monochromators.   Four different versions of the BL-1000 are available.

Applications for the FERMI BL-1000 high flux UV source include photoemission, mass, and atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Customers can contact RBD Instruments Inc. by phone number (541) 550-5016 or email at sales@rbdinstruments.com. RBD’s website www.rbdinstruments.com is available for further information about the exciting new ultra-high efficiency Fermi Instruments UV sources provided by RBD Instruments Inc.    RBD Instruments has been providing surface analysis related products and services to the materials science industry for 28 years.

Media Contact
Company Name: RBD Instruments, Inc.
Contact Person: Randy Dellwo
Email: sales@rbdinstruments.com
Phone: 541-550-5016
Country: United States
Website: www.rbdinstruments.com