Enjoy a Delicious Cup of Gorilla Conservation Coffee and Help Protect the Endangered Gorillas of Uganda

There are an estimated only 880 mountain gorillas left in the world, and almost half of them are found in Uganda.  The primary threats to this species are human encroachment and disease, but there are robust efforts to preserve the mountain gorillas before they completely disappear.  One of these initiatives is Gorilla Conservation Coffee, which is grown by farmers living in close proximity to the gorilla habitats, and from which profits are used to help sustain the local wildlife.

Many of the poorest people in Africa live in Uganda, and this terrible poverty has encouraged poaching of other wildlife in the forest and cutting of trees for cooking, which in turn affects the gorillas. Gorilla Conservation Coffee not only helps preserve native species by funding conservation programs, it also helps local communities learn sustainable farming methods that provide a viable income. Gorilla Conservation Coffee is sponsored by the Worldwide Fund for Nature Switzerland and Conservation Through Public Health.

Each bag of Gorilla Conservation Coffee is hand-picked and fresh roasted, producing an unforgettably delectable aroma and flavor that includes hints of caramel, butter and almonds. The blend is named after Kanyonyi, the lead silverback of the Mubare gorilla family – who is known by tourists and communities for his charisma, having been born after tourism had began. He exemplifies the tremendous efforts made to save the endangered mountain gorilla in the local communities, but there is more to be done. For each kilogram of coffee sold, $1.50 is donated to Conservation Through Public Health, a US registered nonprofit founded in 2003 that is devoted to promoting biodiversity in and around Africa’s protected areas.

In addition to enjoying this delicious coffee, you may also help Conservation Through Public Health by supporting their Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  In return for your generous support of this worthy cause, you may receive perks including Kanyonyi Gorilla postcards, 250 g bag of coffee, T-shirts, coffee mugs, Kanyonyi Gorilla Sponsorship Certificate, or a mountain gorilla expedition with a CTPH staffer.

To learn more about Gorilla Conservation Coffee or to make a donation, please visit https://goo.gl/18x2cf

To learn more about CTPH, please visit http://www.ctph.org/

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