Best Orthodontic Services Are Now Offered in Richmond and Glen Allen, Virginia

The White clinic offers smile analysis which determines your dental issues and the appropriate orthodontic procedure that suits your lifestyle. Dr. White will tell you straight what method is comfortable and more efficient for you.

Virginia residents and those in Glen Allen can now flaunt their best pearly white smile. Dr. Paul White now offers his cutting edge services to the area. White Orthodontics is operating in the area and offering their best services from metal braces and braces behind the teeth, invisalign, clear ceramic braces, and also orthodontic for all ages.

Dr. Paul White has been practicing orthodontics since 1991. Dr. Paul is also the author of several books which include the bestseller entitled “Beyond Straight Teeth.” He has also been a prominent figure in various magazines and other local publications. He is also considered as one of the leading experts behind the Bio-esthetic Smile Design. He also teaches all other dentists and orthodontists all over the country. 

The clinic also offers clear ceramic braces which are a great alternative to metal braces. This type of braces is made to match the color of teeth. It comes encumbered with tooth-colored brackets which can easily camouflage with the teeth. It is not noticeable as well. It is made of clear composites that are durable and don’t stain when eating or drinking. Any client can expect to have beautiful smiles without spending so much time.

Dr. White also has the skills and technology to place braces behind your teeth so you can have your teeth corrected without you hiding your smile. This is done with the help of SureSmile’s robotic wires.

The clinic also offers Invisalign orthodontics. This technology is known to be more efficient and convenient than traditional metal braces. The treatment can be done in 9 to 15 months which is 50 percent faster than the usual braces. Aside from that, it is clear and invisible and it offers a customizable fit which means the wearer hardly notices he or she is wearing it.

There’s another version of the Invisalign treatment which is meant for the teens. This kind of braces enable the wearer to eat anything without fear of its breaking. It’s not noticeable as well that the user won’t be teased for wearing it.

During your initial visit with Dr. White’s clinic, you will be given several freebies aside from the no-obligation consultation for braces. You will be provided digital photographs, iCat Cone Beam CT Scan, a comprehensive evaluation and thorough discussion of your orthodontic needs. You will be given a detailed list of all your treatment options and even the payment plan to help you decide.

You will also be offered a copy of the best-selling book and also a free DVD resource guide that you can check when you get home.

Dr. White is also known for Bio-esthetic Smile Design. This is done through determining and addressing the root cause of orthodontic problems through ensuring a stable jaw which enables a beautiful smile that lasts. Dr. White’s clinic can surely give you the best smile without you losing the natural feel and comfort.

There’s a reason why Dr. Paul White is touted as the most favorite orthodontist in the Richmond and Glen Allen areas of Virginia. He certainly knows how to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Dr. White is also without no high-profile credentials. He graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and he also earned a certificate from Emory University.

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