Brings Exploration of Hobbies For Parents and Kids!

FamilyFuntures is a family fun site delivering reviews and tips about outdoor hobbies for parents and kids to relate on. The site’s purpose is to create a starting point for parents to motivate their kids towards other hobbies than gaming consoles and television.  Containing a plethora of outdoor activity and sports gear, tips, and guides, FamilyFuntures has it all to spark up great conversations and future trips with children!

Today’s day and age makes it difficult for parents to relate to their children. Children are losing value in outdoor activities because of the innumerable amount of technology now offered to them. From television to cell phones, Smart Pads, video games, and computers, distraction is everywhere keeping children away from performing outdoor activities. For physical health and family relational health, it’s vital for children to spend quality time doing outdoor activities with family. Sharing similar hobbies incorporates healthy parent to kid bonding, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

Without healthy parent to child bonding, it can cause behavioral issues and relational issues in the future. The child won’t feel as close to a parent as they should, creating a relationship where the child could potentially not want to share anything about their lives with their parents. It’s important for parents to have similar interests with their kids, share the same hobbies, and spend quality time together, and no one understands that more than FamilyFuntures. This innovative website is based around family adventures to create starting points when looking for new hobbies for the family!

FamilyFuntures understands the difficulty parents can have prying their children away from technology in the home. Getting their attention isn’t easy, especially if they are in their teens. That is why FamilyFuntures has established the best feature for parents to quickly and easily find the next family adventure! Providing tips, reviews on outdoor gear, and more, their outstanding information filled website will have parents inspired in no time.

“This website is created to help parents get their kids more interested in hobbies other than a gaming console,” says the company CEO. “I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy getting my boys away from the TV or computer.”

Parents, it’s time to try new strategies to get children relating and bonding with their family! Create memories before they leave the nest and it is too late. Visit FamilyFuntures and get a head start into summer with some family fun hobbies!

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