PUPPIES? YES, PLEASE! mindStart is Bringing Puppies to SXSW

mindStart is Bringing Puppies to SXSW

Amidst the craziness that is South by Southwest, mindStart (www.gomindstart.com) will be hosting a puppy corral to provide a quick, relaxing, and fun break for the convention-goers. The puppy corral, comprised of a litter of 11 white Labs, will be located on the grass just outside the Austin Convention Center called Brush Square, which is on the corner of Neches and 4th street.

“We know how hectic and overwhelming South-By can be, I mean we’re from Austin! So we just really wanted to provide some escape from the craziness, even if it is just for a short time. And who doesn’t love puppies?!” says Kevin Whitehurst, co-founder of mindStart.

For those convention-goers who are overwhelmed by the amount of people who will be at SXSW, some puppy-time is a perfect way to de-stress, relax, and have fun doing it. This is a method colleges all across the country have adopted, especially during finals week. The University of Texas here in Austin has set up free puppy petting areas during finals for the last three years.

Here at mindStart, we are determined to change today’s norms of the customer service outsourcing industry. Providing a hospitable and calming experience that exceeds customer expectations is exactly what we have been doing for over 10 years. With a 98% client satisfaction rate, mindStart succeeds at (bow) wowing our customers.  You could even say we make their tails wag! This is thanks to the genuine care and interest our people have in the person that is calling, emailing, texting or chatting with our associates. That is what makes us different. We’re not a typical contact center, and clients aren’t just clients. We become an indispensable extension of their team.

About mindStart

mindStart provides individual, unique, and outstanding customer support services however your customers want to engage. And, we create solutions to reduce the number of contacts (and cost) by offering self-service resources.  We enable clients to start small and grow with us, beginning with as little as ½ of a full-time resource.  Our low minimums and low startup costs make us a great fit for the emerging company. And our tech savvy care associates readily grasp IoT and other connected consumer product devices. mindStart, formerly known as Snoflake Solutions, is based and operates in Austin, Texas.

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