Stone Street Partners Launches New Website with Renewed Focus on Building Long Term Relationships

CHARLOTTE, NC – Stone Street Partners LLC, the established investment firm based at South Park Mall, Charlotte, now has a brand new website, said Martin Sumichrast, the company’s managing member.

Stone Street Partners has earned reputation for investing and financing both traditional and emerging businesses across industries. The new website offers insights into the values and principles that lie behind the company’s investment strategies and can be viewed at:

With over 30 years of actively promoting and investing as a patient, value-based investor, Stone Street Partners has built collective portfolio with hundreds of millions invested in various ventures and capital markets worldwide. The company is known to stay committed with its management partners who show and deliver best efforts. This focus on people takes priority over actual businesses, and has helped Stone Street Partners see its portfolio companies launch new business initiatives, make competitive shifts for efficiency and growth and engage in long-term strategies.

“We value relationships and enjoy participating in an opportunity that involves building business relationships for the long term,” said Martin Sumichrast.

As managing member of Stone Street Partners, Martin Sumichrast looks after the overall management and strategic initiatives of all special purpose and private equity funds of the firm. He also serves as Chairman and CEO, Level Brands Inc., a Charlotte based innovative branding and marketing company, besides holding other positions in the industry.

Stone Street Partners operates in a wide range of industries such as technology social media, technology life sciences, general manufacturing, commercial real estate, and food & hospitality services. Its professional expertise spans areas such as structured debt financing, public & private equities, new business formation, and business restructuring.

The launch of the new website will further help Stone Street Partners position itself as a non-traditional investor, which believes in challenging itself, refining its approach and continuously questioning accepted practices in a volatile environment.

About Martin Sumichrast, Level Brands and Stone Street Partners, LLC

Martin Sumichrast is the Managing Partner of Stone Street Partners, as well as the Chairman and CEO of Level Brands. Stone Street Partners invests and finances a wide range of opportunities from traditional industry sectors to unique emerging markets.

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