New Gadget Combining Convenience And Eco-Friendliness Launches To Freshen Up Toilets The High-Tech Way

An innovative new gadget that destroys toilet germs without using hazardous chemicals and syncs with an app for automated, hands-free cleaning has launched. Ecoresh applies UV and PCO technology in an intelligent way to sanitize toilets and bathrooms, without the need for hazardous chemicals or traditional cleaning supplies. It’s convenient, hassle-free and smart.  

Studies have shown that the average toilet seat contains around 50 bacteria per square inch. Ecoresh kills up to 99.9% of those germs with its technology-driven solution, keeping toilets fresher for longer. The creative gadget doesn’t just keep the toilet bowl clean either, it eliminates odors at the source rather than simply hiding them and removes the need to use typical disinfects that can result in hazardous waste or by-products. It’s the safest, smartest and healthiest option for eco-friendly homes.

Abdul Sisiwa, Team Leader and Founder of Ecoresh, said, “The toilet is probably the most important room in your house yet more often than not it is the most neglected in regards to hygiene and etiquette. Ecoresh steps in to bridge this gap using the latest technology innovations but without the typical disinfectants that pollute the environment. It also has a beeper, which reminders users to flush after use and be mindful of other users.”

Ecoresh’s inventive use of UV light technology extends beyond its abilities to keep toilets clean too. It contains smart sensors that keep track of how clean the toilet is so homeowners can see that the product is working and rest assured that their bathroom is hygienic, germ free and safe. Ecoresh can also synchronize with the companion app for remote operation. This means users can schedule cleaning with a quick swipe and receive handy alerts when supplies of bathroom essentials, such as toilet paper and hand wash, are running low.

The gadget is simple to set-up and fits securely to the toilet lid with sturdy suction cups. A night light is built in and cleaning is automated whenever the toilet cover is lifted or closed, so there’s no need to manually clean the bowl after use.

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Ecoresh is an innovative tool for keeping household toilets cleaner without using hazardous chemicals. Utilizing UV sanitizing technology to kill 99.9% of all surface germs and contaminants, Ecoresh destroys microorganisms that reside in the toilet and can cause unpleasant smells. The ingenious gadget uses smart sensors and connects with an app for added convenience.

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