Earlogic Announces TSC Music, A Smart Music Platform App that Decodes User’s Hearing Information to Provide the Better Sound Experience

Los Angeles, CA – March 09, 2017 – Earlogic, a startup specialized audio technologies, announces the release of TSC Music, a free beta app for iOS platforms on the App Store. TSC Music is the first music app that equalizes the sound based on hearing capacity, monitors daily hearing condition and protects from hearing loss.

TSC Music allows users to listen to their favorite songs from their device or music streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The company plans to add other streaming services shortly.

As the user opens the app, TSC Music requests a quick self-administered hearing test on five key frequencies. When the test is done the app optimizes sound for the individual’s preset hearing condition, which allows the user experience a clear and better quality sound.

TSC Music saves user’s hearing data to help the user monitor the daily hearing condition with interactive graphical charts similar to Fitbit.

Also, The TSC technology helps detect hearing loss and creates customized sound signals to improve hearing capacity. This patented technology renders sound with dynamic volume based on both frequency ranges and decibels unique to the user’s hearing condition.

Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) technology has been tested by more than 100,000 users on the desktop application. The app release also follows conclusive results by a Stanford University study published in the American Academy of Neurology.

“The Stanford study is important because it supports the positive feedback that we have received from thousands of users with the TSC desktop technology in Brazil,” said Ji H. Won, Earlogic Managing Director. “The potential for hearing capacity recovery enhancement through an app is profound. With portable devices, users can listen to music with TSC Music anywhere.”

One Billion at Risk: The Earbud Generation
Today, one in five individuals suffer from some degree of hearing loss, and 48 million people in the United States have hearing loss in one ear. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than one billion teenagers and young adults have or are at risk of premature hearing loss. The increased risk is mostly attributed to audio devices, smartphones, earbuds and headphones used to listen to music and videos.

The WHO warning has caused many pediatricians to advise patients to stop using headphones and earbuds because exposure to loud noises accounts for 90% of progressive hearing loss cases. TSC Music eliminates this problem and keeps track of the user’s daily hearing condition.

TSC Music Features:

In addition to customizing the user’s listening experience, the TSC Music features:

• The unique music platform that you can listen to your songs from either your library and music streaming services.
• The ability to routinely test the individual hearing condition
• Set customized sound signals to prevent from hearing loss
• Provide smart equalization that automatically adjusts sounds to the listener’s hearing condition (Active EQ feature)
• Monitor app usage, with visual display of three key data points: usage time, progress and best/worst index of user’s hearing condition
How TSC Music Technology Works
• Our hearing works like keys on a piano keyboard.
• Our hearing captures the sound and sends a nerve signal to the brain. This is how the brain recognizes the signal as sound.
• As people age, the hearing loses sensitivity in certain frequencies — especially the higher frequencies.
• TSC technology detects the range of frequencies that lost sensitivity and exercises with customized sound signals at the threshold level to strengthen them.
• Until TSC technology, exercising hearing has been unavailable for the consumer. TSC Music combines exercising hearing with an everyday activity by integrating with the user’s device or streaming service.

How the TSC Music App Works

After downloading the TSC Music, the user performs a quick self-administered hearing test on five key frequencies, and it is all set.

As the app saves the hearing data from the users, TSC technology optimizes sound for the individual’s preset hearing condition, shows ongoing daily results of user´s hearing condition and generates sound signals to prevent from hearing loss.
TSC Music Requirements

TSC is free and now available on the App Store. It requires iOS 9.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

About Earlogic

Earlogic is an innovative startup specializing in audio technologies used in multiple applications worldwide.


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