Revealed: The Largest Human OM Formation Guinness World Record 2017

India is known for a lot of achievements, for its population, creative people, costly weddings and many unusual things. A lot of interesting records have been achieved by Indians. Everyone has heard about Guinness World Record. Guinness World Record’s has been inspiring, engaging and entertaining people since 1955 and in India, there are many record holders available. On 8th January 2017, India’s Urjaaworld Foundation received Guinness World Record 2017 award for creating the largest human OM symbol with 927 school students participating under the guidance of “Energy guru Arihantrishiji”.

This news was covered by India’s leading news channel “Zee News” at the time of the event. “Energy guru Arihantrishiji” described the importance of Meditation and Yoga for human beings.  His thoughts and tips for “Energy Kriya – The Art of Awakening” is inspiring for many. During the event, he gave energy mantra to the crowd which is a kind of holy blessings. He explains more saying “OM can heal your mind, body, and soul. It also helps to create a bond between purity and culture. OM is a link between spirituality and science that can never fail if you manage your mind power with it.”

On this event, many well-known personalities were present as the chief guests, honorable housing minister Mr. Prakash Mehta from BJP took blessings from Arihantrishiji. Also India’s finest comedian Mr. Sunil Pal was present with his humor and entertaining personality.

Arihantrishiji belongs from the Jain community and he has followers all over India. He formed a foundation named Urjaaworld which has a motto to work for the welfare of people, conservation of nature, creating awareness for Yoga & Meditation, eradicating evils from the society and helping people to live happier and healthier lives.

He got his inspiration from his guru “Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji Maharaj” who serves his life to spread Jainism, empowerment, and upliftment of the society. Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji is the sea of information, love and he offers his worship and friendship for everyone regardless of any separation.

You may visit the website of Urjaaworld Foundation here to know more about “Arihantrishiji” and please like our Facebook fan page

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