VectoTech Rapid 1TB External SSD Drive Available On Amazon

The External SSD USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive is currently generating rave reviews from a wide range of satisfied customers.

The VectoTech rapid 1TB  External SSD portable solid state drive is now available on Amazon for a highly affordable value. Having been already tried and tested by a range of customers, the drive has been gaining 5 star reviews in abundance.

More often than not, people have a considerable amount of personal or professional files to carry on the go or keep stored in a safe manner. In such cases, carrying a sturdy and reliable storage option becomes a necessity, and this is solely due to the fact that PCs, laptops, and cell phones are no longer considered reliable due to their limited shelf life. Plus, these devices can also be considered unreliable for storage purposes as they can easily catch viruses and resultantly corrupt entire collections of useful and important data files.

However, things are about to change all thanks to the VectoTech 1TB drive.

With a copy speed of up to 450 mb/s and a total capacity of 1TB, the VectoTech drive is considerably fast and significantly spacious to accommodate all sorts of files one could possibly imagine. Furthermore, the drive also features a high-tech, lightweight design which makes it a robust product to have. Its sturdy nature can be further guaranteed by the fact that it comes with shock and vibration resistance up to 1500g at 0.5 m/sec, which means it is more than capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -13ºF or 185ºF.

According to one of the many satisfied customers who left a 5 star review for the product, “The drive was well packed. I connected it to a USB 3 port on my computer (PC) and it saved big files correctly.”

Another customer who also left a 5 star review stated, “VectoTech Rapid 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable SSD is a great addition to my storage needs.” They also added, “I’ve been using it for some time now.”

More impressive features of the drive include faster seek time as well as the benefit that it comes formatted for pc. Moreover, it can be easily reformatted for mac as well (instructions are included). The 2 years manufacturer warranty also adds assurance for those who need it.

All in all, people who are in search of a convenient storage solution, the VectoTech drive is a highly recommended product. Find out more about the product, including purchase information, at this link (
Technical support is also available on call at +1 (800) 987-0197.

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