Martin Modern Condos to Open in 2017

Singapore – The housing market in Singapore has been as volatile as ever lately. Many businesses and international conglomerates use it as a base for their many trading and production facilities, others still rely on Singapore as their vacation getaway from the many stresses of life.  This influx in the country’s popularity is what has lead Martin Modern to begin the development of a new condominium near River Valley Close.

Due to the increasing demand for housing in Singapore, there’s been a huge increase in the number of living spaces built that have not met expectations successfully. Usually, due to a rush to meet demand or perhaps a lack of properly funded investment dollars, people are left moving into shoddily built apartments or home that weren’t properly planned. And even if the construction was completed correctly, sometimes it’s simple location and the surrounding areas that leave a housing complex wanting.

The upcoming Martin Modern condo is an attempt to resolve the whole list of problems before they ever plague anyone moving in. The plot of land itself attracted a considerable number of bids when put up for sale by the Urban Redevelopment Authority- an indication of its prime location unlimited potential. Further, The Martin Modern showflat will offer living arrangements of various sizes and formats in an attempt to attract a variety of people from many different walks of life.

As potential movers have learned on the construction company’s website (located at the location of the coming complex is a prime spot to work in conjunction with the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Master Plan. The surrounding area will soon be filled with places of interest for both commercial and residential-based lifestyles. Plus, as the area is continually more intricately organized, an MRT station will be built within only five minutes of walking that will transport all around Singapore.

Martin Modern will reportedly be designed with a plethora of new, cutting-edge, and convenient technologies to ensure an effort to synchronize its living facilities with the 21st century. The buildings shall sport eco-friendly designs, incorporating principles of airflow and the surrounding areas urban design to make the streets themselves cooler.

Boasting a number of recreational attractions and the expansion of green spaces perfect for viewing the skyline, they claim to have prepared well for their coming 2017 project. Will the Martin Modern condo fill as quickly as the design, area, and competitive bids seem to predict? Only time will tell.

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