Kids Talk Trump In The New Book “Kids On Trump: America’s Children on President Trump”

Published after the NBC story about kid’s views on Trump, the book “Kids On Trump: America’s Children on President Trump,” is sure to stir the pot once again.

HOUSTON, TX – 9 Mar, 2017 – Marie Korman & Freida Raj in collaboration with Tre H Publishing, just launched a children’s book that stirs the pot by asking kids to answer the question “Who is President Donald Trump?”, and then calls kids of America to action challenging them to join the “Kids On Trump Movement” by mobilizing and having their voices heard on all issues related to Trump.


Noor age 10 who says Trump’s favorite phrase is “Let’s make America (*cough) great (*cough) again”;

Aedan age 9 who says Trump is “Racist, a jerk, and sexist, and kind of nice, but also really rude”;

Inaaya age 5 who says she doesn’t trust Trump “because he is a boy and sometimes boys can trick us;

• And many others as they evaluate who President Trump really is, in only the way kids can.


This is not a book about politics, but it will cause you to re-think some of President Trumps initiatives after hearing what these kids have to say!  The purpose of this book is to empower children to have their voices heard and to inspire them to answer the call of action, to influence President Trump’s actions, be it through grassroots support or high profile constructive criticism.  Regardless of who you voted for in the 2016 election, this book will provide you with a reflective perspective that is filled with comic relief and inspiration like only kids can deliver!  So spread the word and support the “Kids On Trump Movement” while you discover if America’s kids think Donald Trump is “Tremendous” or a “Total Disaster”!

Kids On Trump is available as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords and

Starting on March 5th FREE copies of the eBook  “Kids On Trump; America’s Children On President Trump”, can be obtained via Smashwords online store through March 11, 2017, or by joining the Kids On Trump mailing list at through March 31, 2017.

If you would like more information about this topic or to receive a complimentary copy of the Kids On Trump eBook, please contact us by email at  or visit us at KidsOnTrump.Com

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