Advanced wearable solution that instantly transforms posture launches on Kickstarter

Ergo is designed to effortlessly align and strengthen posture, and relieve neck and back strain

Sitting down all day in front of the computer can lead to serious health problems like neck and back strain, due to bad posture. Perfectore Corp has announced the launch of “The Ergo Posture Transformer,” a simple, wearable solution that works as posture corrector and back support. The Ergo is designed to hold the body in proper spinal alignment by supporting the mid-back vertebrae, thereby preventing the body from slouching.

Wearing The Ergo between 1 – 6 hours a day to improves posture and strength, and stretching with it throughout the day relieves neck, back, and shoulder pain. Back the project on Kickstarter today, and start your journey to achieving the best posture of your life.

“We launched the Kickstarter campaign to give many people the opportunity to benefit from the huge discounts before we finally get it to the market. Ergo is built as simple and yet effective way to deal with bad posture, with little effort. People who work in front of a computer all day are more susceptible to deteriorating posture and so have more benefit from this product. Ergo is easy to use and it comes with an app that contains detailed information and a guide to achieve the best results rapidly,” said Marina Prospero Posture Specialist and CEO of Perfectore Corp.

The human body is not constructed to remain sedentary for a long time. Sitting all day leads to slouching, back pain and bad posture. The Ergo relieves up to 70lbs of pressure off the neck and back relieving excess strain. The device is one size fits all and fits on any body. It does all the work by holding the body in four positions of proper posture, making proper alignment effortless. It ensures head balanced over the shoulder, chest expanded, shoulder rolled back and down, and abdominals engaged.

The Ergo scientifically improves the center of gravity using a patented support cushion design that shifts the whole body into alignment. It has a posture pivot point that supports mid-back vertebrae, shoulder abductor point that holds shoulder back and down, and chest expansion point that gently guides the chest open. Wearing Ergo is just like wearing a mini ergonomic chair, which helps to alleviate back pain, optimize breathing, improve concentration increase core strength and boost metabolism. 

The ERGO has already reached 500% of its funding goal and is tracking towards a six figure Kickstarter campaign. 

About Perfectore Corp

Perfectore Corp designs, develops, and distributes advanced products that solve health problems. Ergo is one of such products they hope to help people overcome back pain and regain their posture.

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