Leisure & Travel Site Re-Brands as Fundreds

Golden Valley, Minnesota – When looking at the recent increase in disposable income for US citizens, it is certainly no surprise that more people are investing in cross country vacations. Now more than ever, Americans are choosing to spend less time at work and more time having fun in different cities and states.  Fundreds is a website that provides epic content that helps people make the most of their trips to various cities and states.
Forget that expensive trip to Europe. Based upon recent travel reports, it becomes clear that most Americans are opting to save money while visiting some of the best places this country has to offer. While most people are aware of popular travel destinations, such as New York or Los Angeles, they do not consider the countless fun things to do in other great cities.

Fundreds is a site which is dedicated to providing travelers practical information on fun things to do in a given city or state. While the page was originally home to your average leisure and travel site, it has since been rebranded for the benefit of travelers across the country.

To give travelers a better idea of the company, it is important to note that “Fundreds” is the combination of the words “Fun” and “Hundreds.” This means that the site is proud to offer hundreds of fun attractions for tourists to enjoy while visiting a specific place.

While cities like New York and Los Angeles are certainly hot spots for tourists, they are also rivaled by other fun cities such as Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston. It is the goal of Fundreds to encourage travelers to enjoy as many places as possible while understanding the best things to do in each location.

Fundreds is not only interested in providing information on the top tourist spots, but also fun places to go in general. For example, while you may be aware of Olympic Park while on a trip to Atlanta, you probably have no prior knowledge of the hundreds of other parks, museums, art galleries, arenas, restaurants, and gardens. Fundreds will ensure you have concrete knowledge of the best things to do in a given place, even if it is not a tourist specific location.

Vacations are not cheap, so it is important that travelers understand the best things to do during their limited time.  Those interested in planning a trip within the United States are highly encouraged to visit the Fundreds website for more information.

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