Magnetic toys with polygonal faces that can be made into any shape imaginable, launching soon on Kickstarter

Toys will help kids develop motor skills, and adults manage stress and improve creativity

Trido® announced they would soon be launching their magnetic toy which will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Trido® is a magnetic construction toy based on the geometry of platonic solids. These platonic have regular polygonal faces embedded with magnet that attract every other face so users can combine Trido® in an infinite variety of ways. The toy is suitable for kids and teens, helping them to develop motor skills, dimensional thinking and deeper comprehension of geometry, maths and science concepts. Trido® is also useful for adults, contributing to lowering stress and anxiety, while also boosting creative thinking and improving focus.

More information about the product is available on the official website at https://www.Trido®

“Trido® is the only magnetic toy where each side of any shape snaps to any side of another shape. It was created after many years of study and research, inspired by the desire to build a toy that is fun and at the same time beneficial to life and health. Children will find Trido® so fascinating they will spend less time watching TV and on mobile devices. Adults can also have it on their office desk, as a plaything, to distract them once in a while, thereby improving focus,” said Arthur Tikhonenko, Designer.

Trido® comes in three different shapes including the octahedron, which has eight sides, tetrahedron, which has four sides and half tetrahedron, also with four sides. The Trido® toys are embedded with powerful magnets which attract every other shape to help create different kinds of shapes imaginable. Also, the magnets are placed in a particular manner so that during play, shapes will always align themselves perfectly along the edges.

“Trido® is constructive fun for everyone wants to enjoy hours of endless creative possibilities. There is always a new way to use the toy, which can even help form a bond between children and parents as they brainstorm and build things together. Your kids will never lose interest because the toy gives them the opportunity to create new and exciting shapes endlessly,” said Tanya Ivashko, CEO

Trido® will soon be launching their product on Kickstarter in March 2017. To receive news on the upcoming campaign and other updates, subscribe to the newsletter by submitting an email on the website.

About Trido®

Trido® is a toy manufacturing and distribution company offering quality products that are fun and educative. Their magnetic construction toy will soon be one Kickstarter where everyone will have the opportunity to pre-order and get amazing discounts.

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