Trader Prophets launches exclusive trading education membership service

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 10 Mar, 2017 – Natascha Sing is an investor, lawyer, entrepreneur and wealth strategist. Considered an authority on achieving peak performance through the financial markets and mastering wealth psychology, she has worked with some of the biggest institutions, financial investment houses and individual traders and investors around the world.

Through the birth of Trader Prophets, Natascha has bought together a world renowned team of traders, investors, peak performance psychologists and wealth masters to empower, educate and inspire over 15,000 people over 6 continents through audio, video and live training programs. With a core team of over fifty years collective experience in the world’s financial markets, Trader Prophets is a global leader in trader education.

The company has recently launched an exclusive membership service called ‘The Golden Playbook’. This unique service helps traders enhance their trading performance and equips them with the tools to develop consistently profitable results. Tried and tested from students all around the world, we have received amazing reviews and spoke to Sing, co-founder of Trader-Prophets, personally:

“Myself and my team had the privilege of working closely with so many traders all over the world, which has given me great insight into the traders journey: what it takes to be successful, profitable and consistent in trading and investing.’ says Natascha Sing.

She continues “In working with my clients on their wealth psychology I have found that there is a definite science to trading. There is more to trading than knowing the right techniques and having the right tools. Identifying the best trades, choosing the right execution, pulling the trigger at the right moment is what distinguishes the top dogs from the rest. Imagine if you could be shown step by step what to trade, how to trade it and why, so next time you can do it yourself?”

The dynamic company has answered the request launching an exclusive membership service at the beginning of the year: “We have brought together the best traders and investment managers in the world to share exclusively with our members their strategies, what they are trading, how to trade it and why.”

That means that you too can now have the inside scope across the global currency markets, commodity markets and stock markets at your fingertips, sent directly to your inbox throughout the whole month and with a bonus monthly VIP video conference call with the traders themselves. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to make your first step into the world’s financial markets or a seasoned professional looking for an extra edge in the market, the Golden Playbook has been a game changer to all of their members. Raving about the difference this service has made to their trading performance, John Breska, a long-time student says: “It is everything I always wanted and everything you can ever need to perfect your trading, my results are so much better now.”

Visit for more information on how you can also join their global community of successful traders.

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