Sprung Design Solves Another Real-World Problem with its Latest Innovation, the BeardSmock!

Brooklyn, NY – If girls hate them, there is good reason for it! Beard hair clippings on the sink are hard to clean and unhygienic. Sprung Design, which makes simple products that solve everyday problems, has now come to the rescue of guys with a pop-up hair trimming catcher, the BeardSmock. Easy to wear and use, the beard smock sends out a simple message to beard enthusiasts: “Don’t be a smock, Wear one.”

The BeardSmock springs into position in under a second and easily slips overhead, the user just needs to fasten the Velcro collar and start trimming. Measuring 9” on the sides, the Canopy creates a large flexible catchment area without getting in the way of trimming movements. Once you’re done trimming the smock conveniently folds into a funnel shape, nicely guiding all trimmings to the waste basket; a significant advantage over there fabric competitors. Made from polyester, the fabric is breathable and quick drying, and the spring frame keeps it sturdy while easily collapsing into a storage bag.

While there are many other smock brands in the market, BeardSmock is the fastest when it comes to ease of use. It comes in a sophisticated, masculine color combination, and is priced at half that of the competition. The smock can be carried anywhere, and used on the go with a smart phone camera or in the car, with no loose parts to bother the user or needing replacement. New users will like its resilient material and reinforced seams, and can check out video tutorials on Sprung Design’s website.

“After 3 months of use I have to say this product is Legit! Getting it back in the bag was a bit tricky at first but other than that it’s definitely better then the suction cup cape jammy I gave to my brother. My mirror was too narrow and clean up always missed the garbage. The Beardsmock is definitely way faster… neater overall and most importantly keeps me in good graces with the Misses ;)… plus it’s half the price man…” – Phil from Staten Island

As a young product design and development firm, Sprung Design is actively working on innovative products that come with a price advantage. All design work is thus carried out in-house and pass the savings on to the customer. BeardSmock follow’s upon the previous innovative product from the firm, The “Steady Peg”- which solves another real-world problem of keeping umbrella strollers from tipping when hanging bags on the back. (www.steady-peg.com) Both products are currently patent pending and available for sale.

To know more, please visit: www.beardsmock.com

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