FeelSocial allows marketers to send personal messages based on replies from prospects with one click

The personal interaction is king and the benefits of marketing inside the FB Messenger are officially impossible to ignore. With FeelSocial, marketers can send a message to thousands of FB prospects and reach them right inside their FB inbox with one click.

It is no secret Facebook messenger is taking over as the #1 platform marketers use to reach their prospects. Many marketers and business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger instead of email marketing. Some of them have tried to make solutions in the past with old Facebook bots, but quite just the technology did not exist yet, and so they failed.

Imagine what if there is an automated software that allows marketers to reach out to their customers with personalizing messages delivered straight to their FB inbox. Not only does it let them never worry about manual one-by-one messaging again but give them its simple message builder to set up a full message follow up series with special delays and triggers. FeelSocial software comes in to save time for marketers by automatically sending personal messages and automated follow-up personal messages to their entire FB page.

With FeelSocial’s brand new technology, marketers can build their entire messaging follow-up sequence using its extremely user-friendly technology. The system inside handles all the message coding for marketers, so they do not have to type a single line of code. Whenever a customer messages marketer’s FB page, comments on one of their posts or ads, marketers can automate replies and contact them with a click of mouse.

FeelSocial App has been approved by Facebook and therefore has all the necessary API permissions to perform every action inside the software. See some of outstanding features of FeelSocial software:

Add Any Facebook Page: Marketers can select any Facebook page to either send a broadcast to or set up an entire messaging funnel for.

Send Broadcast Personal Messages: FeelSocial allows marketers to send out a mass message to thousands of prospects at once and forget about the headache-inducing hours of manual one by one follow-up.

Create Entire Messaging Funnels: Marketers can create an entire follow-up series of unlimited messages just like what they do with an auto-responder. Also, they can send user’s separate messages based on specific triggers and how they respond to marketer’s automated messages.

Super Customizations: The system includes profitable and engaging customizations such as dynamic variables, images, headlines, descriptions, custom call-to-actions and even external links in any or all of marketer’s messages.

Set Custom Triggers: Marketers can set a trigger for any message to be sent. These unique triggers allow them to trigger people to any next message they like.

Set Custom Delays: Optional delays between messages being sent can add a “real” element to marketer’s messages and makes it seem like prospect are talking to them in real life.

Templates: This feature allows marketers to create template messages that easily make setting up messaging funnels. Marketers just drag and drop their template responses to build out an entire profitable and engaging FB messaging funnel.

Calendar: This calendar feature enables users to quickly and easily see when messaging are going to be sent out, cancel a messaging campaign or edit before it goes out to all their prospects’ FB inboxes.

FeelSocial software is built to be the easy to use platform on the market. Even a complete newbie with no experience with Facebook marketing or software can set up their own profit-pulling automated Facebook messaging funnel in a few minutes.

For more information, please visit: FeelSocial software review

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