An Inspiring Tutoring Website Created For Students By Students

Now seeking public support, the website will be a perfect go-to for any student who is interested in expanding their knowledge and get help from others.

Phil Lennart Meyfarth, an inspiring German student currently enrolled in Canada has announced that he will be creating a tutoring website for the students by the students. He has decided to seek public support for this great project that will educate many students around the world and at the same time employing many students to teach on this platform. Phil is seeking public support for this project on Kickstarter and the goal of this amazing project is to raise CA $5500 by Sunday April 2nd, 2017. This inspiring educational website will be the perfect go-to for any student who is interested in expanding their knowledge and get help not only from their friends but also from other students and teachers from all around the world. This will happen through blogs and any student, once signed up, can ask and answer any question they like.

In addition, teachers on this platform will have the privileges to answer not only by text but also if wanted, they can make little videos for the students to enhance the learning activity. Due to many answers, any can be rated with the help of thumbs up and thumbs down and this way they can get rated based on their performance. The best answer will appear at the top and that students will be rewarded with points. If a student has a certain amount of points, he can exchange them into prices like books, subscription fee degradation, and other awesome things.

All funds raised through this project will go towards the development and designing of this wonderful website for the students. Moreover, 50% of each signed up users’ subscription payment, will be monthly donated to Trees for the Future at Everyone now has a chance to support this project to educate the future generations by clicking the following link on Kickstarter:

About This Project:

This website is created by a student that will enable the students to learn and teach in the most interactive and cost friendly ways possible. The backers of this project are also being offered great incentives of getting up to 1 year of free membership. This project will enhance and improve the learning skills and knowledge of the students around the world and everyone is welcome to back it. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Tutoring Website from students for students
Contact Person: Phil Lennart Meyfarth
Phone: +491736086156
City: Windsor
Country: Canada