Airwheel Smart Electric hoverboard Gives The Clean Environment Back To The Public.

The environmental issue is not limited to a certain region, but the whole world. Each of the country ought to try their own best to protect the environment from little things and we can make a change in our daily life, for instance, choosing the eco-friendly vehicle, like Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter.

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Faced with the increasingly serious global environmental problem, each of the country should try their own best to protect the environment from little things. Resisting fog and haze begins with ourselves and begins with riding Airwheel electric mobility scooter. It is zero-release, as it is motorized by clean energy that has no side effect on the environment. Every little bit counts.


In addition, there are various types of vehicles ranging from the electric scooter, electric skateboard to smart e bikes. For instance, the classic X series of one wheel scooter, which are known for its flexibility and are full of energy, self-developed Q series of twin-wheeled electric scooters which are welcomed by girls with much better balance and stylish S series of 2-wheeled electric scooter that has been widely used in large scale places.

A3, S6 and S8 belong to sitting posture self-balancing scooters that is suitable for those who are fatigable. M3 is designed for the people who are in a young mental state and realizes surfing on land, as it is a kind of extreme sport. The Z series of foldable electric scooter is enjoyed by those who are in favour of long journey, as it first introduces the swappable battery design.

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Besides the above series, Airwheel has rolled out the intelligent e bikes, including E series and R series. E series with E6 and E3 Smart E Bike are better known for its portability and innovative design, for instance, it first brings the left-right design saddle to the e bike in order to gain balanced force and good ventilation.


What’s more, they have distinguished externality design, E6 featured by slim X shaped body and E3 with innovative “double O” design which is conducive to folding. As for the R series — R3 and R5 electric assist bike, they are proud of its multiple ride modes: electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and bodybuilding mode. The rich variety allows anyone to find his or her ideal model to protect our shared environment.

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