Motivational speaking, life coaching, and mediation go hand-in-hand for Christina P. Burnham, Esq.

Certified Life Coach Christina P. Burnham, Esq. provides coaching, divorce mediation, child custody mediation, elderly mediation, and presents as a motivational speaker in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. A lawyer with extensive experience and training in mediation and coaching, Christina began providing services in 1996 and continues to do so.

Her most recent blog post on “Improving Time Management and Organization in College” addresses the struggles many students run into. Her practical tips include “before your classes officially start, learn where your classes are, and time how long it takes for you to get from your dorm to your classroom buildings. This will help you time how long you need in the mornings to get ready, and how long you have to get to your next class.” She also assists those trying to find their purpose in life. She provides advice and counsel as well as practical goals to aim for.

Divorce is difficult for families, especially the children. Christina P. Burnham, Esq. seeks to resolve these matters in a legal fashion that does not turn into an actual divorce battle. She explains on her website that “just because you no longer wish to be with your former partner, that doesn’t mean you need to have a lengthy and emotionally draining divorce.” On the same page in her website, she also lists out her services for divorce mediation: “provide all the paperwork needed to file for divorce, work with already divorced clients to help with additional agreements, assist with child custody plans.”

Child custody mediation often ties into divorce mediation. Along with the divorce proceedings, Christina offers a more personal experience and flexibility for divorcing parents trying to make decisions for their children without requiring a lengthy legal battle in court.

Families also utilize the elderly mediation services that Christina offers. These services include: “wills/estate, real estate transactions, health/safety concerns, caregiving responsibilities.” Understanding the importance of completing these tasks before the death of a loved one makes these services a valuable asset. Dealing with the elderly can be complicated if family members are at odds with one another or the elderly relative is unable to make decisions for himself. With the ability to resolve the issue out of court, elder mediation can save relationships and families from destruction while taking care of difficult matters.

Those in the Old Saybrook, Connecticut area can see her work live in one of the many workshops she provides. On her workshop page, she explains “that passion is the key to achieving goals…By revealing passion, the path to ultimate performance is possible.”

To help her clients have a purposeful, fulfilling life, she lists out 5 goals on her page that are covered in the workshops:

• Identifying YOUR Top 5 Passions (They may surprise you!)
• Discovering YOUR Passion Score,
• Creating a life aligned with YOUR true purpose,
• Identifying obstacles to living YOUR passionate life,
• Living the principles for YOUR passionate life and much more…

Serving both groups and individuals, she provides a combination of any of her services in her office location on Main Street in the Old Saybrook area.

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