Mediation Can Be A Cheaper, More Effective Way To Resolution Than The Court System

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC, reconciles hostile situations through arbitration, civil mediation, and divorce mediation.

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC, reconciles hostile situations through arbitration, civil mediation, and divorce mediation. The firm allows its clients to continue representing themselvesby providing the presence of an impartial third party with no influence on the outcome of the resolution. Offices in Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee give Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC a wide area to serve.

Civil Mediation allows a situation to be resolved outside of the court system. As Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC’s website explains, “not only does it prevent backlogs in the court system, it also saves a great deal of time and money for plaintiffs and defendants.”  The mediators at the firm focus on communication between the parties as they navigate to a resolution. James “Jimmy” D. Lawson, one of Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC’s mediators with his own practice in the Little Rock Arkansas area, writes a mediator’s role is “to provide the most advantageous forum possible for the resolution of the dispute…He does what he can to sustain the momentum that the parties have created. He facilitates, persistently.” The mediator can then sometimes preserve the relationship between the two parties.

A trial within the court system can be expensive and difficult for a family going through a divorce. Divorce mediation gives couples more control of the situation. With full confidentiality, children are also protected from a trial while in legal proceedings for a divorce, as explained by the Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC’s website, “private information is made public and anyone can peer into the darkest aspects of a family.” Without a court reporter present to type testimonies into public record, clients retain the freedom to speak fully about the situation and their concerns.

Cases that need a third party’s intervention require arbitration services. A judge chosen by both parties has the power to legally end an issue and enforce its resolution. The parties control the location and time of the arbitration, which is not possible with a trial in a court of law.

Frank S. Hamlin created the firm as a peaceful, professional venue with the ability to schedule the services of independent mediators Chris Gomlicker, James D. Lawson, and Kevin O’Dwyer. Both include a variety of amenities to help the process remain as pleasant as possible. Food and refreshments are available throughout the day while the clients meet in spacious, comfortable conference rooms with technology and entertainment at their fingertips.

With professional staff and notary services onsite, clients have everything they need to take care of sensitive legal matters. The importance of meeting in person to resolve conflict is explained by James D. Lawson in his blog post on “The Lost Art of Conversation” as “so much can be conveyed when a conversation is held – not just by way of the words used, but by body language, eye focus, expressions, attitude, gestures, and level of calmness. Smart phones and computers don’t give you that; personal interaction does. When trying to settle a case in mediation, sincere personal interaction and engagement are crucial to the process.”

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