Walter K. Schreyer Explains Importance Of Diverse Legal Practices

Representing residents in the Bergen County & Passaic County area, The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer provides the legal services that range from a Domestic Violence Attorney and Product Liability Attorney to a Child Custody Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody cases fall into the realm of Family Law. Domestic violence is defined by the law firm as “a situation when there is physical conflict, or threats of physical conflict, between people in a domestic relationship.” The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer can provide a Domestic Violence Attorney to ensure a family’s safety with a restraining order and legal action or defend someone wrongfully accused. The firm also claims that sometimes criminal charges can be made jointly with restraining orders in cases of: assault and threats of assault or physical abuse; rape or other sexual assault; verbal and emotional abuse; harassment.”

A Child Custody Lawyer helps families find a legal balance in paternity and divorce cases. The technical jargon of this area can be confusing, but an experienced attorney can navigate these cases. In a testimonial, a client writes that “Mr. Schreyer has been representing me on a continuing legal matter in which my case has gone both times in my favor thanks to his expertise and knowledge of the Law.” The various issues Family Court addresses often involve other legal matters. The ability of The Walter K. Schreyer Law Firm to utilize a Child Custody Lawyer in several different suits eases clients’ experience.

The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer has more than thirty years of experience in product liability cases. The main function of a Product Liability Attorney is to represent the injured in court and negotiate with insurance companies for the best deal. The firm’s website explains that “we are ready for trial when the case starts. Insurance companies and others know this, and often prefer to settle cases with a fair offer rather than proceed to trial.”

For commercial and residential real estate needs, the firm provides a competent staff and Real Estate Attorney. It claims it can assist in the following difficulties: “purchases, sales, leases, refinancing, Real Estate disputes, foreclosures, short sales, and wills & probate.” Beginning with a complimentary consultation, the Real Estate Attorneys will utilize their knowledge of the Bergen County and Passaic County area to assist homebuyers.

Practicing law for 40 years, The Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer has a lot of experience in injury and domestic cases. Walter K. Schreyer began the firm in 1980 and utilized his wide-spread experience to turn it into the full-service law office it is today. Brian Schreyer, also an attorney, has gained his own experience through the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and has a thorough knowledge of New York and New Jersey law practice.

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