Milton Barbarosh’s Diverse Background Ensures Financial Success For Clients

Milton Barbarosh specializes in real estate sales and is a licensed business broker.

Based in Florida, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Milton Barbarosh offers over 25 years of experience in the professional field of financial investment on a wide range of scales, from small to large. Milton Barbarosh specializes in real estate sales and is a licensed business broker.

Currently the president of Stenton Leigh Group, Inc., Milton Barbarosh claims to have held such titles at other companies, as president, chief executive officer and manager, and manager of merchant banking. With over 35 years of working as a financial advisor, Milton Barbarosh offers insight and advice into the world of finance.

According to his website, Milton Barbarosh “is a very down-to-Earth man that you can trust, and he has tons of experience in financial advisory.”

Milton Barbarosh established the Stenton Leigh Group in 1989, after discovering his passion for investing, states the website. According to Milton Barbarosh, his passion for investing in upcoming businesses was fueled by the desire to “provide them with any advisory services they may need to succeed.”

Since 1989, Stenton Leigh Group has been expanding under Milton Barbarosh, gaining a positive reputation in public spheres in and outside of the United States. To keep people who are interested in the financial industry engaged, Milton Barbarosh actively manages a blog covering the newspapers he has been reading and interviews he has been cited in.

The website of Milton Barbarosh also states, “Milton Barbarosh is an intelligent man who is very philosophical and observant. When working with him, people may find that these are brilliant qualities to work with, and they really give Barbarosh the edge he needs to stand out as not only a financial advisor but also as a person. Many people look up to him for this and see him as a role model.”

Over the years, Milton Barbarosh claims his combined experience has helped him create The Empire Global Advisory Services, which was founded in 2011. The Empire Global Advisory Services assists clients with all sizes of financial investments.

Milton Barbarosh also navigates his family’s business, Croft Investments Limited Partnership, where he operates the company’s portfolio. The management of Croft Investments Limited Partnership includes debt financing, acquisition services, and mergers. His experience as a skilled accounting professional has allowed him to be a member of many industry-leading organizations including The American Institute of CPAs, Florida Institute of CPAs, licensed Accredited Business Valuator, senior member and business valuator of the American Society of Appraisers, and a certified General Management Accountant.

Milton Barbarosh has received positive testimonials from clients who note his high level of knowledge and industry skills as the key to his continued success. According to his site, he has worked for KPMG, Ernst and Young, and the Royal Bank of Canada. Milton Barbarosh accredits his past positions with his success today, stating in his site that they allowed him to hone his accounting skills, which has benefited his clients as well as himself professionally.

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