A Ghost Whisperer Turns Ghostly Writer

Lori Zaremba of New Kensington, Pennsylvania is seeking $3,000 in pledges before March 26 to help in launching her Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter book series. With 19 days to go, Lori has collected $340 from three backers toward her goal in the Kickstarter pledge campaign.

“I have overcome the challenges of time to write this book, and I’m sure that will be the battle for completing Case two,” Zaremba said. “I have hit my stride and am confident I can continue to completion.” 

Having already the first book in her paranormal series, Case One – A Flapper in Love, Zaremba will use the funds from her pledge drive to publish and promote it.

There are two levels of pledges with rewards valued at $45 and $75. The reward for the former is a signed copy of the book to be delivered anywhere in the world in August if the pledge drive is successful. The greater amount will include the book delivery and a personal notation from the author. Any amount will be accepted however great or small.

Zaremba began writing on her titular character, Trudy Hicks, about five years ago but found the time to dedicate more effort to her story in the past year. “I am working on several ideas to raise the revenue required to achieve my ambition.”

Hicks is a former police officer turned ghost hunter in Chicago. Zaremba said she draws from personal experience in writing about the ghostly encounters in her book.

“I don’t ask to see dead people,” she stated. “They just show up. All my life I have seen, felt, and heard things that had me thinking either I was concussed or perhaps I have a gift… yes I see dead people.”

On her website, http://loriz112.wixsite.com/ghostmagnet, Zaremba refers to herself as the ghost magnet and briefly describes her encounters with departing spirits.

“I started writing about these interactions that were sometimes quite humorous, thrilling and sometimes just baffling,” she said. “I wrote this fiction to explore the possibilities of why a Ghost would haunt.”

Zaremba hopes to continue the series through many ghostly adventures while exploring the nature of ghosts and why they stay on this Earth.

For more information, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/615176388/trudy-hicks-ghost-hunter-case-0ne-a-flapper-in-lov

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