Voyage Retirement Solutions ( is an independent retirement planning firm based in Orlando, Florida. We service individual, families, and public servant’s retirement needs.

Orlando, FL – 11 MARCH, 2017 – Voyage Retirement Solutions ( an holistic retirement planning firm based in Orlando, Florida is now offering tax planning services.  

There is a difference between tax preparation and tax planning. Planning comes before while preparation comes after.  Tax planning is an essential piece to a proper financial plan.

“Taxes are the single largest recurring expense that most people have” said Daniel Rey founder of Voyage Retirement Solutions. “The fact is most people take a reactive approach to their taxes, they leave their tax documents on their tax advisor’s desk and hope for the best result.  By taking a proactive approach, with tax planning, individuals can potentially reintroduce money to their bottom-line while maintaining their financial wellbeing.”

Invest Wisely – Having money many times depends not on how much you make, but how much you keep. Learning how to invest and save wisely will go a long way in helping you keep and grow our hard-earned money.

The compounding effect of the decisions you make can have incredible implications to your financial future. For example; the investment choices you make play an integral role when it comes to your taxes.  Taxes can reduce your investment returns on a year to year basis, potentially jeopardizing your long-term goals.  Before making changes too or adding any investments consult a professional tax planner on how these decisions may impact your taxes.   

Voyage Retirement Solutions tax planning services can address questions concerning your investment.

Such as:

What is the current and future impacts of contributing to tax efficient accounts?

How can diversifying your account types allow you to minimize taxes during retirement?

Why is matching investments with the right account type important?

How can your investment losses help offset any investment gains?


At Voyage Retirement Solutions, we believe our industry has a problem.  Too often clients are being serviced with a “cookie cutter, one size fit all” method.  We believe each individual’s financial needs are different and should be treated as such.  Because of this, we have chosen to be an independent firm, providing a holistic approach with a level of excellent service to our clientele. 

Interactions with clients should not be transactional, but should be a journey that instills confidence while being guided by integrity.  Our team at Voyage, on a daily basis, strives to accomplish this!  We service individual, families, and public servant’s retirement needs.  We offer retirement consultation and tax planning services. 

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